Feral passion flower blooming. Looks like something from Mars.

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Fastest way to get me to do something is to tell me I can't do it.

Just had hell getting this bent pin out of the top link of my box blade.

The addition of the whole house generator is a big development for me because it nullifies the need for batteries. The generator will keep us up when the grid is down and the solar panels don't meet our demand.

Bring your rolling blackouts. Soon, I won't care.

Father's day minibike riding was a hit until all three of ours died for various reasons. I got to show the Buffalo to my grandsons. I got two of the dead soldiers running again after daughter and her SO took their brood home. Spouse and I went for a ride and now I'm getting after the weekly Sunday night burgers.

When NYC opens back up, I want to roam the subways around NBC studios dressed like a bum carrying an empty jug waiting for Jimmy Fallon and random celebrity musician to do one of those surprise sidewalk concerts. And I'll join in on jug.

How could I forget my favorite guitar player of all time, John McGeoch,.

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Equally disturbing is the number of favorite musicians passing on from natural causes:

Joe Strummer - singer of my FBOAT, the methamphetamines had mnothing to do with it.
Ranking Roger - toaster of my second FBOAT
Saxa - Sax player of my 2 2nd FBOAT, K, he was old in his prime but still.
The Ramones - most if not all of them have passed
Mark Hollis

There are more that escape me at the moment.

Gearing up for my first live music venture in quite some time. Spouse spent extra on up front, preferred seating with a table.

I still have not come to grips with the fact that the music being played on oldies stations is my music from the 70s and 80s.

My experience with the M5 band and the Lilygo TTGO watch really makes me want this Lilygo wristband watch.


A bunch of new peeps on @fosstodon this week. There's no corporate algorithm here to spur engagement and drive advertising revenue. Here, you are the algorithm. You spur engagement by sending an introduction. Lurking is cool too but we'd like to get to know you.

Based on a recent expirament on the side of my house, I have determined that tomato seeds that have passed through the human digestive system have no problem growing. Science!

Trigger pulled: I just ordered a 200 amp LPG whole house generator. I have too much to lose in a summertime extended electricity outage.

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