@somegirlprivacy @Tay0 there is a clear link between mental health, body image etc and the content on your timeline and well-used CWs are a great feature. USpolitics is so awful it should always be behind a CW. Especially for those of us who don't live there.


I woke up this morning and the sun came up and my family is still alive. The world didn't end.

There's a real lack of content warnings all of a sudden. CW are a good feature that twitter doesn't have. Muting words is an ineffective sledgehammer and it feels like you are constantly second guessing or chasing your tail, where CW gives a choice to the reader for triggering or controversial topics.not everyone wants to read everyone's hot takes about US politics constantly, it feels too much like twitter doomscrolling

"If I didn't want it to be public I wouldn't have posted it on a public thing."

Refreshing. I appreciate your view.

"I've been beat up. I've been thrown out but I'm not down. No, I'm not down."

Ended up working 12 hours yesterday. But I slayed the dragon. No Father's Day for me.

I'll try to organize a #mechanicalkeyboard #meetup @mch2022camp: wiki.mch2022.org/Session:Mecha

If you bring your mechanical #keyboard(s) or other interesting #hid (human interface devices) to #MCH2022, feel free to come, show it to others and try out others' keyboards. If you don't have a mechanical keyboard with you, feel free to come anyway and try them out to see if this is something for you.

Oh, and I'd be happy if I get some help in organizing this session. Still need a location.

Why did nobody tell me about Consent-O-Matic? It's a browser extension that automatically clicks on GDPR consent dialogs to indicate that you do not consent to your data being shared. Available for all major browsers.


When they kick in your front door, how you gonna go?

Ready to light the grill. Burgers, fajitas and chicken breasts are on the docket tonight.

I need no introduction to the hard line according to Terence Trent Darby.

I have 2 Oneplus6 phones that are useless to me now. I'd rather sell them to someone here that can use them rather than put them on eBay. They both currently have LineageOS on them.

Cryptocurrency is the Tupperware of our age, only you lose your ass and don't have extra containers or lids in a drawer forever. You also don't have to have a party at your home to lure in the suckers.

Today I learned all my clearances and permissions have been renewed for another year at work. If they really knew me that might not be the case.

moustache stuff 

TFW you figure out the errant moustache hair you cannot control originates not on your upper lip but in your nostril.

Any 3Dprinters out there have any experience with the Orbiter extruder?

Are you daily driving a Linux phone? If so, what model and OS.

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