There's something very therapeutic about laying back in your recliner on a rainy Friday morning and not having to do a damn thing.

I almost bought an old on eBay a few weeks ago. Spouse really didn't want me to. Says I already have plenty of and didn't need another. She was right. Now I'm kicking myself.

Much needed and deserved day of vacation today. I'm just beat.

The console of the AN/FPS-77 weather radar I worked on when I was in the air force. I loved this piece of tube based equipment. I really enjoyed working on it.
Notice the Polaroid camera on the tripod for saving sweeps. While I was stationed at a base near the Bracken Bat Caves, we detuned the radar during bat season so it could pick up the bats when they left for the night. Brings back good memories.

Spampinato and Ardolino

TFW you press the button to open the gate at the end of your driveway and it doesn't work. When was the last time I cleaned the solar panel? How old is the battery? How old is the opener itself? Press the button again and it works. Relief!

In October I am eligible for retirement. It would be early but if we sell our place and downsize, very doable. I'm really wanting off this treadmill.

Working late again today. I'm on the second day of an NRBQ marathon and it's all @djsundog 's fault.
I thank you for that. So much good material.

ERCOT has regularly bragged that they saved the grid until last week when they started pointing fingers. If they're gonna take credit for saving the grid when they really didn't do much, they deserve the blame when they blow it.

ERCOT. How can you "deregulate" something but create a new state agency that didn't exist before "deregulation".

70°F today after single digit temps earlier this week.

Looks like I'm working again all day today.😭

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Ok new've been lurking long enough. Go ahead and drop that toot and tell us a bit about yourself. 😀

The ice and snow are finally losing their grip on the ranch. My empty lonely hammock stand sits in the middle. Ready for weather suitable for its use.

This is an interesting development. As I understand it, ERCOT is a quasi government agency and has been granted sovereign immunity in law. I hope we hear how this suit progresses.

Extremely long day at work today. Dead dog tired and I still have to drive home on the ice. ERCOT said everything is back to normal now as far as they're concerned. Tell that to all the people who still don't have power. Their tone deafness appalls me.

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