As I sit here waiting for my alarm to go off. Unable to sleep. I watch videos of . I've been intrigued by the deltesian concept ever since I first found it. I'm not a fan if "bedslingers" and couldn't really see the advantage of it. But today I see it. No leadscrew for the Z. Moving the bed for the Y sucks but not having a leadscrew is good. And getting rid of that third delta arm massively simplifies the math.

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I'd like to follow more people across the Fediverse who toot about books, literature, poetry, publishing... I'm not sure where to look. Does anyone have recommendations?

Cura slicing a part for a some of you might recognize on my Thinkpad running .

And it looks like I just blew out my left knee. Freakin' great! I'm falling apart.

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hey fedi please welcome my friend @kylecox 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻he's new on the #fediverse ! I've been talking up the friendliness of the fedi 😀
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Someone I know wants to try out Mastodon, but he doesn't know English. Is there:

A) A way to look for users speaking a particular language?

B) A Polish instance that's well moderated (no bigotry allowed on there)?

Please boost, even if you don't know 😓

#mastodon #help

Words to heed.

Aldous Huxley interviewed by Mike Wallace : 1958 (Full)

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The Atreus is in stock and on sale for $30 off through November 30.

When I print something big enough for my coasting values to kick in, there's little if any PETG stringing.
BTW, what the heck is that I'm ?

PETG is some stringy shit. I'm playing with retraction settings, trying to dial it in. Afraid to do much more, fearing a clog. Decisions.

I made this brooder box temperature controller about 20 years ago. It uses an Olson E5CS PID controller to run painter lights with evil incandescent bulbs to heat the box. The alarm output runs the second lamp should the temp wander more than 5 degrees below the setpoint. It's seen some use, abuse and quite a few chicks grow up overvthe years.

Spouse is playing some Spotify list in the kitchen. I've been lamenting the passing of Jerry Jeff Walker lately. Out of the blue, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's rendition of Jerry Jeff's Mr. Bojangles started playing. Great song.

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