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>deprives of new recruits
A false conceptualization of how dissident movements work. (Or really how anything works. This is why you are destined for defeat as much as the War on Drugs was.) Answers don't seek people. People seek answers. Specifically unsatisfied people seek out answers (as well as love, support, validation, meaning, mutual protection, etc.). For 70 years, your cohorts did your damnedest to hide the answers and lie your ass off. And yet it hasn't gotten you anywhere. People are still grappling with the same questions and coming to largely the same conclusions, reverse-engineering them if the original has been hidden. If/when they do find the original, it's instant validation they were on the right track all along. Behind the frog jokes, there are real truths, about man, society, nature, and meaning that aren't going away no matter how many people you ban (or even however many people your side eventually kills).
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@Gargron @TBF @noirscape @romariorios Alright let's see the data. For that matter you could elaborate as to what you mean by "works". Works in what way? Do you mean less people joining extremist movements?

Yes my account is new. Which is why I responded to your mesage. Imagine my surprise when I try this decentralized platform and the first I see is someone arguing for centralized censorship. Kinda made me disappointed but that's just me

Well it's how you judge the cosmetics that bothers me. How do I know that your statement is not just cosmetics for building a society like this, where the greater good always triumphs over the need of the individual:

α-project: a study in lesser known input methods Edgewrite & Sigma - Project

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@TBF you can put HTML in Markdown, so I don't think you have to do anything different than on another website

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@Matter @TBF I assume GitHub will strip unknown tags when displaying markdown files.

Is it possible to add a rel="me" mastodon verification link to a github file somehow?

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Just discovered Mastodon - I've been thinking about what an alternative social media platform that respects well being over destructive profit seeking could do & I'm hoping this place is it. My undergrad is in ME but I moved away from anything technical after going to law school. I've dipped a toe into the water of Python & am eager to dive deeper into programming, but am limited with free time. Milwaukee, WI resident & curious to see what this is all about.

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I finally had enough of the nonsense on Twitter and burned my account there. Now I'm looking forward to checking out what Mastodon has to offer.

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I am using Mastodon and Fosstodon since a few weeks. I used to rely on a proprietary platform and so far I really enjoy Fosstodon (thanks for it).

I am working on the Elisa music player as part of the KDE project.
I am using FOSS and KDE and Debian since 2004 and a PowerPC laptop.

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Hey friends, since I have almost no friends on Mastodon, promo me and help me find people.

I'm a furry artist and musician who's into programming, and video games. My tastes are very eclectic so I'm into most things.

α: on lesser known input methods. With a VR/AR revolution inevitably on it's way isn't it time to reexamine how and with what we type?


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