Fedilab, Nazi enabling 

It's time to stop using Fedilab folks. The dev of that app just announced that he will not be blocking Gab. This is despite overwhelming support for the block from users and devs in a poll that hasn't even completed yet.

I attempted to have a conversation with him yesterday because he gave the appearance of good faith, but he's made it clear that he's fine with Nazis and White Supremacists as long as it doesn't affect him. Receipts will be attached over several toots.


Fedilab, Nazi enabling 

@sandrockcstm Time to start using fedilab you mean?

Don't you realize that wanna be tyrants like you are living breathing billboards for Gab?

Don't you see the irony in trying to stop dictatorship with censorship?

Fedilab, Nazi enabling 

@TBF @sandrockcstm You're the straw that broke the camel's back, so you get my response:

No, you idiot, there's no irony there. Much smarter people than you have been discussing the Paradox of Tolerance for decades: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_

It is not "censorship" to make software you've developed refuse service to certain URLs. It is especially not censorship when MASTODON SHIPS WITH A FUCKING CLIENT, YOU NITWIT.

Jesus CHRIST, absolutists are fucking imbeciles. Fuck OFF.

Fedilab, Nazi enabling 

@noelle @sandrockcstm
Eloquently put! Your language and ad hominems really highlights your intellectual maturity.

Karl Popper arguments for censorship and intolerance in the link you provided. Therefore it seems quite strange that you don't think it is censorship even though you argue for it in the previous paragraph.

Personally I'd like to judge for myself what is right and wrong instead of leaving the decision to emotionally unbalanced people like you.

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