Yes my account is new. Which is why I responded to your mesage. Imagine my surprise when I try this decentralized platform and the first I see is someone arguing for centralized censorship. Kinda made me disappointed but that's just me

@TBF I once viewed "censorship" as a black and white thing, but it's not.

I have the right to do whatever I want, but the moment my actions threaten to physically hurt someone else, it's no longer OK. Similarly, I can say whatever I want, as long as it's not speech which hurts someone else; by allowing all speech, we allow people with power to silence people without.

By not accepting speech which aims to silence or hurt groups of people, more people have the right to speak their mind.


@mort Okay let's say that we accept your notion of free speech. Who is to decide what is goodspeech and what is badspeech? Do you hold all the answers?

You don't think every totalitarian regime ever motivated their authoritarian actions thorugh appeals to the greater goods and scare tactics like that?

Silencing shows fear and ignorance and is bound to backfire.

What makes you think you have the right to decide what is okay for others to think and say?

@TBF That's the beauty of federation though isn't it :) There's no centralized power; an instance or account is muted on most other instances if those other instances' admins individually choose to block that instance or account. Being blocked from other instances on the fediverse isn't the same as being, say, banned from Twitter.

We as a community of users and admins have the right to decide what's acceptable.

@mort Sure what I find offputting is someone trying to command admins to do so on political grounds.

Also the attack on Gabs code when it is obvious that commercial entities attacking the platform was the issue.

I just find it so ironic from a place like this.Also the attempt to save society from totalitarianism by using totalitarian measures is just absurd.

Perhaps they (Google,Apple,...) went after Gab because they knew mastodon will never be a threat.

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