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Friendly reminder: We don't sell your data, so we need your donations and contributions.

docs.codeberg.org/improving-co for an overview of what you can do and how to donate.

personal; poor sleep habits; design development 

I've got work in 3 hours because I got distracted designing a mobile layout…

On the plus side…a lot of it works?

design development; functional search 

And we have search functionality, finally.

Currently, you can look, specifically, for hashtags by prefacing your search with # and look for users by username or domain by prefacing your search with @.

Searching by full handles (with either "@username@domain" or "username@domain") can also find users.

I meant to demonstrate it in the screencast but the follow (and unfollow) functionality also works by merely clicking on the icons on the right of user results.

design development; navigation refinement 

They're small adjustments but it should make navigating the site feel more fluid and intuitive.

You can now get to the pages of individual posts and the profile pages of authors of the posts you view on your dash.

Before this – at the current moment –, there wasn't any real way to get there; search still needs to be built but, even if it was functional, copying and then searching by a user's handle is much more work than just clicking to check it out.

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design development; scrolling user icons 

It's a small thing but it's pretty clear why Tumblr has the icon of the person who did the Activity (whether it's creating, replying, or reblogging) scroll alongside posts – with long posts, it helps keep in mind who did the original action that got this post on your dash.

I finally figured out the right CSS to get this to work and I think it helps a ton in terms of reading your dash.

design development; tagging/mentioning other users 

When first pressing @, a list of people you follow will populate the list; if you're not following anyone, a list of the people who follow you will show (`friend`, here, is following the account; the account is not following anyone).

Beginning to type will, then, filter on all users, as one might expect.

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design development; tagging/mentioning other users 

It's been a hectic few months; a lot of non-demonstrable progress has been made cleaning up some backend errors so that posts get properly delivered to users.

And, as of yesterday, you can now get an autocompleting list of users to tag in your posts!

Mentioning other users has been possible for a while but there was no suggestion of who you might mean; you could type out the account handle manually and it'd work but no completion. Now, you can.

design development; image posts 

I figured it might make sense to get Image posts working, next.

This screencast demonstrates being able to make a post featuring images.

Things such as setting captions for the images are even working, as well.

I'm sure there are some bugs and edge-cases I've still missed but, still, a good chunk of the functionality is present.

There are some days where I feel too tired to work on doing further development; then I use any piece of proprietary software or service and immediately get a second wind.

design development; content warnings 

We've got (functioning) Content Warnings!

Certain elements clearly borrow their stylings from Mastodon and I'm not sure they necessarily fit with the style I've, thus far, established (or if there isn't, simply, a better version) but there really isn't much in the way of other examples with existing social media (outside of images) and I have limited independent creativity, sadly.

We can always change this later, in any case.

development, images; Amazon mention 

Building out the capability for using any service that has an S3-compatible API.

Any Swanye documentation of this capability will probably strongly suggest for users to use (dreamhost.com/cloud/storage/) – as makes it a habit of using open-source tools – or, at least, anything other than Amazon (for obvious ethical reasons).

But this should allow for those who host a Swanye instance choice for cloud storage, should anyone want it.

design development; notifications 

And we have a notifications page.

I'm not sure if I'm wild about the design but that can always be adjusted, later.

design developent; notifications 

And, now, you'll get notifications when someone likes your posts; the number of new notifications over the notification-page icon updates as well as the Notifications module.

And Activities which're Undone will, also, remove said notifications.

design development; notifications 

There's still a ton to do (like including the icons and getting the color right for the text) but getting updates while you're using the page is possible.

Just have to also remove notifications and do the aforementioned stylings.

design development; notifications 

overwhelming, potentially…

Or, maybe, it's just so until the design becomes familiar; I'm always surprised by what doesn't catch me off-guard, just because I'm used to it.

We'll see; I can always play with and change the design later, after all.

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design development; notifications 

Notifications are (partially) done!

Still trying to decide if it's too busy.

My original intent was for the middle column to have general – though unpressing – info. the user might be interested in (potentially (probably) customizable by the user to list what info. ze wants to see).

Hence that section is always mostly the dulled out color with white only sparingly to highlight particular elements.

But, if you only have new notifications, this could feel


I think it's time to start of getting a notification system built out…


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