Wait what. Is this like iPod shuffle for services? I don’t understand why Apple Music voice is a thing

Apple just doesn’t want elementary OS to look good on their new Macs.

github.com/suzie97/tusker started a new app repo using Watson (github.com/small-tech/watson) by @aral . I’ve gotta say it’s amazing and has saved me a day otherwise spent setting up the app, saving window position, adding translations, icons etc.

It might look a bit shady to share a promotional code but it's nothing weird. It shows up on the side of some of their community tutorials.

You can also get €50 credit on your account for every tutorial you write and they publish.


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Who blocks Google Analytics most frequently?

88% of Firefox users
50% of Chrome users
41% of Safari users

👉 plausible.io/blog/google-analy

And which operating system users block Google Analytics most frequently?

82% of Linux users
74% of Windows users
61% of Mac users
54% of Android users
41% of iOS users

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It’s nice to see a sunny day with a beautiful sky in the rainiest state in the country, pixelfed.social/p/Suzie97/3532

I'm now selling shades icon set on gumroad as pay what you want if you wanna pick it up that way. You can always grab it for free on github too.



Let’s add some nice reviews in the App Store listing. Currently there is no review summary available the App Store which is sad. The App deserves great praise 🙌

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apps.apple.com/in/app/metatext, this is a great native Mastodon app for iOS. No telemetry, no tracking nothing, support the Dev by contributing something :ablobcatattention: :ablobcatattention:

Dark style is about to get better across not only elementary OS, but GNOME and GNOME apps. @alexm_gnome@twitter.com writes about the progress and how GNOME and elementary have worked together to get here. blogs.gnome.org/alexm/2021/10/

Note: If a design pattern is bad, it is bad. Not because we like it or because big companies use it magically makes it a good pattern.

Let's stop lying to ourselves.


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