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More sites need to support u2f security keys, WTH banks you don’t have an excuse

So after spending some time with watchOS 7, I’m sticking with my pebble time steel. Sorry Apple Watch I like the hardware (LTE is nice when my phone is being worked on) but, I still don’t like the software. Let me put my own watch faces on it and I’ll reconsider.

Co worker: I’m thinking of dipping my toes into home assistant.
Me: there is no toe dipping, only diving head first and drowning.


My favorite lanyard has given up on me, RIP lanyard

Got the battery in my phone replaced yesterday. Took longer than expected, the repair tech at the Apple store told me the battery they had shipped in for this was super dead (he said they normally come in at 30%) but yay new battery. Also the parking garage had this kiosk where you you could type your cars plate number in and it would show you a picture of your car and map of where you parked.

Got an email back prom proton “We have double-checked this, and it seems your account was caught up in a bunch of addresses that were being used for fraudulent activities, but yours does not belong there.
We apologize for the confusion, and you can continue to use our service now.”

Well ProtonMail’s email support team seams useless, I shot them a tweet over on Twitter and that seams to have gotten things moving, I DM’ed my username when they asked. In the mean time I changed my email with my banks back to my gmail, and will probably keep it that way (one of them is a little touchy if you change your info too much.)

Got a response from ProtonMail “We can see that your account was reported and disabled due to unsolicited and spammy messaging. These actions are not allowed on our service and are strictly against our terms.” That’s all they said

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So ProtonMail locked my account, not happy about that.

Two days in a row, UPS was on time. I’m amazed.

A miracle has happened, UPS delivered a package on time. Now to see if they can do it again tomorrow.

I am now in the possession of caffeine, all is good.

Scheduled a battery replacement for my phone, going to be nice to have a full charge again.


Got my flu shot yesterday, and I’m having a “fun” reaction to it(feels like I have a mild flu). This is normal for me, but it still sucks. Good thing I’m off today.

After 2.6 hours, I can now install watchOS 7. Prob still going to stick with my pebble time steel, but we'll see

Checking out watchOS 7, that time estimate is... technically not wrong?

So I tried out apple’s “spatial audio” feature of iOS 14... it’s amazing

Having a super short email address is fantastic. 10 characters total (that includes the @ and dot)

So the IPS screen I got didn’t work, still waiting to hear back from the store I got it from, in the meantime I used the other parts I ordered to make a nice looking GameBoy color

More sites need to support u2f security keys, WTH banks you don’t have an excuse

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