Gave up on amazon, took the awful drive down to MicroCenter in Rockville and picked up the drive I needed

Me: hey Amazon, I need this hard drive today, would that be possible?

Amazon: absolutely, we can get it to you in 3-7 hours today

Amazon: so uh, itโ€™s coming tomorrow

Threw together a quick drone vid to test how well the M1 handles 4K editing and transcoding down to 1080p. The render and transcode took less than 7 minutes and all this was done on battery without the fan ramping up. (had to downscale it to 720p for mastodon to be happy)

Got my new laptop in a few days early, a MacBook Pro M1. I must say, this thing is an absolute beast

So, in the end home assistant just would not boot off the ssd, so I decided to just boot off the sd card and use the ssd for storage (redundant because my Synology lives next to the thing), but z wave decided it didnโ€™t want to work, so Iโ€™m moving back to the old server and using the new hardware for a retro pi box

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Making some โ€œhome assistant is being a pain hot dogsโ€ hopefully itโ€™ll help

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Ok, so home assistant wonโ€™t boot off the ssd, it will boot off the sd card, so I got that all set up and Iโ€™m cloning the install over to the ssd

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Ok so itโ€™s not booting, Iโ€™m thinking itโ€™s my 400 not flashing IMG files correctly, Iโ€™m trying gnome disks on my Debian box

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Went a little gun ho and tried to boot straight off the ssd and it didnโ€™t like that, Iโ€™m writing a micro sd card to update the boot rom on the pi 4

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Going to be upgrading my home assistant server tonight, moving a 4GB pi4 running off a 120GB M.2 drive

Me: Getting low on soap

DSC: good news your resupply has shipped hereโ€™s the UPS tracking number

UPS: ยฏ\_(ใƒ„)_/ยฏ

So BitWarden didnโ€™t import the URLs from my 1Password export, fun

In the process of changing password managers, frustratingly 1Password will only export with the desktop client (windows and Mac only, the Linux beta wonโ€™t do it)

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