I’m pretty sure my toaster has more processing power than my smart tv, about 5-10 seconds between me hitting the button and it doing something, this includes the volume buttons, it only does this with the Disney plus app open, and that app also crashes when you ask it to play something. I need to pick up a set top box for this thing

Second Covid shot down, woke up feeling like I got hit by a bus

Ordered a pinpad for the small business I run, on the day it was supposed to get in, usps lost it

First impressions of messing with gnome 40 in an Arch VM, I don’t like it

Starting to really tinker and customize KDE, I’m liking it

Not having to charge your watch every 1 - 7 days is really freeing

Just got the word that my main job is transferring me to a different location, not thrilled

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I am officially at war with the neighborhood squirrel

Walmart: for $12.95/month you can get 5¢ / gallon off of gas

Me: but shell gives me 5¢ off for existing

Walmart: what

I really don’t like flying remote aircraft around kids, the only thing they want to do is touch the spinning rotors

When a bird takes a dump on your freshly cleaned and waxed car

A sharp shelf in my work’s safe cut my thumb, it’s not a very safe safe

Me: ::sleeping::

Landscaping: awe yeah, wood chipper time

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