Why the hell does every instructional-type assistance suddenly have to be a damned video? "Here are the three steps to change this setting, but they are in a 10 minute video".

Yeah, I'm going there. Back in my day, we'd post the three steps in an easy to follow instructional document where you could get your shit done and get on with your day. </rant>

I used to believe you could run a department even if you didn't fully understand the intricate details it performed, assuming you trusted the people that worked for you.

Wait, I just answered my own question. I just realized that, even though I have years of experience at what I do, it's the supervisor that has no trust. I never know if I should post stuff I answer mid-post. Think I will anyway.

Nothing to see here, move along.

I believe it is true that people get grumpier the older they get. I don’t think it’s because of old age, but because of years and years of having people stab you in the back so they can move ahead, regardless of the consequences. The fact that the older I get the less of a fuck I give is based on the fact that I learned years ago that giving a fuck gives other people power over you.

Had to get that off my chest for some reason.

A blast from the past. A few years ago, I sat around a fire with my son, the band I used to sing with, and a few others and we did this song. No practice or preparation, just having a good time.


In the recent macOS Big Sur release, Apple placed 56 of its own apps, such as FaceTime and Apple Maps, on an exclusion list allowing them to bypass firewalls and certain VPNs without users’ knowledge. This seriously undermines macOS users’ security and privacy.

After thorough examination, we confirm that on ProtonVPN’s macOS app, no traffic is excluded from the encrypted VPN tunnel when Kill Switch is enabled (including Apple apps’ traffic). More details here: protonvpn.com/blog/big-sur-exc

Try out NextDNS. Nothing like having a ton of blocklists acting as your forwarding DNS server. I've been using it for a while and, so far, it kicks ass.


Things I learned from Futurama: Working in IT is like being god. If you do too much, they become dependent on you. If you do too little, they lose faith. And when you do things just right, nobody will know you've done anything at all.

The ever-excellent @privacylab shared this IAPP graphic with a ton of links to information about the #privacy issues arising around #covid19.


🔵 Time to update: Tor Browser 9.5.1 is out now.

This release updates Firefox to 68.10.0esr and NoScript to 11.0.32. Also, this release features important security updates to Firefox.

Does the idea that an app can indiscriminately copy your clipboard data without notifying you make you feel sick?

This article is another indicator that seemingly innocuous services can undermine your #privacy and information security.


(This article has many trackers. Block them in browser. Use EFF.org’s Privacy Badger or similar.)

Consider discontinuing services that undermine your personal information.

And remember there’s an app for that: it’s the web browser 😉

I need the morons in Congress to hurry up and vote on this LAED bill (like EARN IT, only *much* worse). If they've pass that crap, it's off to Linux for me. I love my Mac, and was looking forward to the Apple Silicon, but that bill is just over the top.

What if there was a bill in Congress that, if it became law, would give them the key to every door, every car, the combo to every safe, every lock. These keys they would hold "just in case the need a warrant."

There is a similar bill right now:


@kev It's great you have a job that you love and you're able to make a living doing what you love doing. I feel like i used to be that way, but now it's just an overwhelming boredom with my current setup. I've been thinking about moving on to something else for years now, but I run into a couple problems. 1. How do I feed my kids? 2. Is there anything else I'm actually good at? Maybe when the kids are a little older and have their own source of income I can find something new and interesting.

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