A question I wouldn't have expected to ask only a couple of weeks ago: Can anybody recommend a client with good support for Linux?

@Steinar What happens when you simply type gopher and hit enter? Or you want a gui gopher?


> gopher
zsh: command not found: gopher
> dnf provides gopher
Error: No Matches found

I am perfectly fine with both GUI and terminal, but I'd prefer terminal. Since Gopher predates SOCKS5 by “quite a few” years I haven't dug through old source code repos, also as I hoped for finding a live project. I'm currently using a lynx and Konqueror (kio_gopher), but neither are ideal (for me).

@Steinar In kde neon, the 'gopher' command is in the package of the same name.
A search on gopher just returns kio-gopher and gopher for installed packages, so just apt install gopher?

@gemlog As you might have gathered from the command line example, I am not running Ubuntu. You are referring to packages.ubuntu.com/disco/goph , I assume? I can give it a go. Thanks.

@Steinar yes, but I didn't know which distro. I just assumed you'd figure it out ;-)

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