Can anyone recommend a FOSS alternative to Pocket?

@Stan Turtl! Might not be exactly what you're looking for but it does have a browser extension which clips to your notes.

@mooboat I checked it, but it is a bit more than what I would expect from it. Nevertheless, thanks for this - it seems a decent product!

@Stan Wallabag is the go-to alternative.

Mozilla should really get their stuff together and open up Pocket's code. How many years since the acquisition now?

@Matter This really bothers me, but I guess it is a good stream of revenue for them.

@Stan I was looking into this a few days back. What I ended up using is Joplin. It is cross platform, android included, and has a web clipper.

Not only I use it to bookmark articles but also to save notes. So all information I need is in one place, easy to organize this way.

You can store the files on your computer and sync it with syncthing, or use onedrive, dropbox or webdav.

@mdbekhit Ah the WebDAV option makes it tempting. Nevertheless it is a decent app that can come into play into the future, but for now I would enjoy more simplistic app that can replace Pocket. :)

@Stan As mentioned, Wallabag is an open source alternative which you can self host, pay to use their service, or find a free provider (framabag).

Really depends on how you want your data to be handled.

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