Do you think that purchasing and playing around with Raspberry Pi 4 is a good idea for complete beginner in the software/hardware scene? I'm really curious in getting my hands on and actually learning to code.

@Stan It was how I was introduced to Linux, and programming. Playing around with the GPIO pins is fun as well

And if you don't use it for that anymore, you can use it as a media centre, or pi-hole, or Nextcloud server,...

@Matter Yeah, I came with to that conclusion as well. Worst case scenario - I would have a cheap media centre at home.

@Stan Yes. Raspberry Pis are excellent; they're like modern-day BBC Micros.

In fact, you can run RISC OS (the A3000's operating system) on them; they're not just spiritual successors.

@wizzwizz4 Nice, I guess the official Beginners Guide would be sufficient enough for a complete novice to enter this world and explore it... Man, I'm excited!

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