Guys, I'm looking for a budget (up to $30) bluetooth mouse. It should be compatible with macOS. Any recommendations?

Okay, finally got off the hook of Facebook. I deleted my account year and a half ago, but kept the Messenger associated with my number until yesterday. Although it was somewhat important group coordinating tool for my social circle, I gave it up.

@Tutanota I'm using the desktop app on macOS and was wondering if there are any plans for Π° dark theme πŸŒ™

Show us some ❀️ Find Tutanota and our encrypted calendar on Producthunt now: πŸ˜ƒπŸŽ‰

I just hunted LibriVox on Product Hunt in attempt to get this valuable resource in front of more people.

@Tutanota The iOS app on the iOS 13 Beta dost not start up.

Ironically I'm stuck at completely bright white screen.

I know it is not a stable iOS version, but just wanted to let you know.

Do you think that purchasing and playing around with Raspberry Pi 4 is a good idea for complete beginner in the software/hardware scene? I'm really curious in getting my hands on and actually learning to code.

Guys, can you recommend a free and open source ERP that is able to serve small enterprise?

Signal needs our help, they are only $3000 away from their funding goal of $100 000. Donation can be as low as $3

98% of the meetings are the most unproductive thing that you can ever do....

Someone posted the other day that Mozilla is planning to push a premium bundle. Here is what I think will be included in it -

Nope, sticking with Wordpress - although fun to learn and adapt to Jekyll, it is too much time consuming. I'd rather invest the time in writing blog posts and updates.

Started moving away from Wordpress to Jekyll blog hosted on github pages, it is taking more time than I initially thought...

How cool is to have completely organic cherry tree in your backyard? Delicious and all you can eat... :)


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