So in Zendesk you can only have 2 levels for documentation (category -> section -> articles) which is so patently worthless it actually makes me want to tear my eyes out in rage.

My mood was set this morning by the furious French man screaming down the phone at me for something completely out of my control. Would be funny if he knew I speak French.

I think I need to start making music again. Work is just making me angry and sad.

Does anybody here participate in/organise free software community meetups in their local area?

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We still have a tech position open at the Freedom of the Press Foundation (a nonprofit): a Sr. Software Engineer position to work on SecureDrop, the open source whistleblower platform used by 65+ media organizations, originally developed by the late Aaron Swartz.

You get paid to work
✅ from anywhere in the world
✅ on a world-changing project
✅ that's open source,
✅ stewarded by a small team
✅ that's led by a woman.

Help spreading the word is much appreciated:

Wearing my "Free Software, Free Society" FSF shirt in my very proprietary office. Come at me.

I'm tentatively stepping back on Mastodon. Not the best experience last time, but hopefully better this time around.


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