is there a good book/course on "linux fundamentals"?
i am capable enough with linux to use it but there are a lot of concepts I don't actually understand, for example: permissions (users, groups, file permissions), networking, and key management (ssh, gpg).
i know to do all the things, but only by memorization, scripts and habits, not because i actually understand them. is there some central place to learn about it all? like a de facto "introduction to linux"?

@Spaceface16518 I have learned it through the man pages, and then by - the latter gave me the system overview.

@jens @Spaceface16518

I'd reccomend the openBSD man pages - that's unix, Linux is a unix-like, and the BSD's are also unix-like, but there are differences in 'philosophy' and 'implementation' - but for general commands, the Unix basics are where to start.

The OpenBSD man pages are written to try to be as readable and understandable as possible.

However, they are _written_ and _written by people_ so - they won't work for everyone... but they may help (:

Installing OpenBSD isn't that difficult either - fire up a virtual machine (virtualbox or the like) and run the installer - you may be surprized how it is NOT complex. (I was. I've installed systems for years and the OpenBSD installer is ... simple but effective.)

There are also the O'Reilly books on the subject...

and the original "linux documentation project" - which is a far cry from the man pages, outdated, and ... more difficult than it should be.

But it exists.

@Spaceface16518 I can send you an Ebook series I’ve got. They’re pretty good at covering the fundamental sides of everything. Lemme know

@kev does that cost money? it's not a limitation but a *free* online course would certainly be a bonus

@Spaceface16518 yes it does. I think you’ll find that any training worth it’s salt will cost money.

@Spaceface16518 somewhat older but still packed with background is the good old "Linux In A Nutshell". The most recent edition is, if I know this correctly, the 4th.

(Reposted due to typo in title)

@Spaceface16518 The Linux Foundation offers "Introduction To Linux" on the edX platform.

I've started it a couple of times and I'm sure there is some great stuff in there. It's just so goddamn tedious.
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