Nothing to do with technology, but I know we have other fish keepers here in the community that might find this interesting.

If you're thinking about getting a fish tank, read this post first. 🙂


@kev i’ve wanted to get a fish for a while but i’ve been too scared of not knowing what i’m doing and hurting the fish somehow.

oh also, for some reason, your links aren’t working for me (iOS 14.0.1, Safari PWA). the hover animation works (on click, normal behavior for iOS) but clicking on the links doesn’t actually do anything besides that.

@Spaceface16518 is this the Mastodon PWA you’re talking about? I’ve seen this on iOS too - you click a link within the PWA (like the link to my post, but then subsequent links (the links within my post) don’t work. I use the Twitter PWA and this happens to me all the time.

@Spaceface16518 WRT to getting a tank, you should so do it! I might write a post on how to setup your first fish tank. :)

@kev i look forward to that! i talked it over with my girlfriend and we’re going to check it out next time we can go to a pet store.

@kev ohh i see. i guess i didn’t factor that in. i just assumed it was iOS hover behavior messing with the links.

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