to anyone who has an based computer, like RPi or PineBook: how do use use spotify?

i can’t get the official client to work so i’m using and spotify connect from my phone 😂

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Neat, Apple actually incorporated some of the Dark Sky acquisition features into the weather app. Nice to see it not go to waste.

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The "Eliminating Abusive and Rampant Neglect of Interactive Technologies" (or #EARNIT) Act, was introduced by Senator:

Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

And other co-sponsors:

This bill naively undermines #encryption.

"Encryption is a powerful tool to protect private information like passwords and financial details. However, it also can be used by criminals..." - Sen. Durbin

Have you contacted your Senator to share your disapproval of this criminalization of #privacy?

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@cjd It looks like LibreOffice doesn't know it's on a hi-dpi screen and is rendering at 1 pixel per point and getting naively scaled up. Presumably because it's using it's own GUI toolkit that doesn't know how to use the macOS APIs to find out it's a on a 2 px/pt screen
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Day 86 of the Series:

I use this little app far more than I expected I would. If you find yourself on the command line looking at text with cat often, it's a great option for you (IMHO).

Just installed on and put together a simple set up. Not sure if I'll be able to completely ditch my Mac, but here's hoping.

I know I'll probably have to get something better than an raspberry pi for a work computer, but this is a start

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On All That Fuckery

Wtf is wrong w people? And they posted with their actual GitHub accounts wow

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I generally don't try and push my idea of diet and the way we eat on to people but living a plant-based life can have a truly positive effect on you, your health and the world we live in.

I'm really looking forward to seeing David Attenborough: "A Life on our Planet"

Although I have no doubt I'll be crying like a child at some parts that show the way we currently treat animals 😢.

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Want additional #privacy on your mobile device? Simply use the browser to connect to services, when possible, instead of apps which make tracking harder to disable.

Does this eliminate risk? No.
Does it mitigate risk? Yes.

#iOS apps with malicious code is rampant:

(URL contains trackers. Disable in browser or with's Privacy Badger)

Only about a week after the mass layoff at Mozilla, which affect the docs team (among others), Firefox Snippets is consistently advertising the MDN Docs.

what is all this keyoxide buzz about? what even is keybase/keyoxide and why does everyone see to “have one”? what does it do? 😂

i remember seeing a conversation on here about making your own soap. i got curious and looked it up.

for those of you who do make your own soap, where to you get lye? 😂

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Trending Hashtags, Places and Posts are now available on the Discover page!

#pixelfed #discover

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"A site got rid of targeted digital ads—and its revenues went way up"

Ad-funded sites going back to the contextual ads will help solve many of the issues of the current web:

Surveillance capitalism
Slow loading sites
Spam / Low quality / "AI" content

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just made a account! how do you guys use it on mobile; i’m currently using the PWA of the Pixelfed website.

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if your website has an automated fake human "Hi there! Let me know if you have any questions" pop-up then you suck

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