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Today it happened while I was doing school at about 11:00. Found out that I had networking.service and dhcpcd running at the same time and read online that this can cause issues. Dhcpcd status was “Failed”. I disabled networking.service and setup dhcpcd, hope this solves the problem. I’m still running a script every minute to check the connection and reconnect the eth0 interface.

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It’s ok to ping to check internet connectivity?

On the router it even says it’s connected and online but I can’t ping it or ssh into it. Idk I’ll just go to sleep and reboot it tomorrow morning

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Mh I don’t get why at about 00:45 the raspberry stopped working, yesterday and today too about at the same hour. Yesterday I had to switch off the power physically and then on again. I can’t tonight but I really don’t understand why this happens. I don’t know what to look

need help with nextcloud and reverse proxy 

I'm using frp ( as a reverse proxy to access my home server from everywhere. I'm trying to setup nextcloud for some friends but we all get blocked for "too many requests". I found the nextcloud doc about this and added my VPS ip as trusted proxies but still doesn't work. X-Forwarded-From is correct. Anyone knows what I can do? Here's the config:

I hope someone knows how to do it correctly ahaha

Finally my website is back online, my OVH VPS didn’t burn luckily

Maybe that’s not the right place but I’ll try and ask anyway.

Someone ever tried rendering with cycles engine on Blender with an AMD Radeon RX 580? I can’t use it to render. Installed opencl-amd but blender crashes when I try to render with gpu

very realistic donut 

I’m trying to 3D model with blender just for fun haha

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Oh by the way one 1080p stream with Jellyfin on the raspberry works without problems. I had to convert two films to H264 because the raspberry (I think, I’m not sure) doesn’t support H265 codec and it wasn’t working

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Just want to point out that mastodon and especially fosstodon is the most friendly social media i've ever used. It's that great

Should I use https on my local self hosted services like Bitwarden, NextCloud and Jellyfin? I plan to have access to these services through a vpn when I’m outside home

Nice just found out I can’t access my raspberry remotely because my devices are behind a double nat so I can open all the ports I want but nothing changes because they aren’t open on the isp router. Lot of angry noises

I don't know. can't find anything online. I guess i'll just send the hdd back to amazon and buy another one

Anyone knows how to format a new hdd? When I do "lsblk" I can see the hdd as "/dev/sdc" but when i try to format it with every tool its says "Impossible to make stat of /dev/sdc" or it just hangs without saying anything

Jellyfin seems to work in the raspberry pi 4, it was easy. I still don’t have the hdd so I’m just testing with an ssd. Today I want to install pi hole but when the hdd arrives I wanted to install the os too on the hdd

Any suggestion for a 1TB external hdd that I can connect to the raspberry pi 4?

I bought a raspberry pi 4 kit from Amazon, it should arrive in 2 days

Maybe the raspberry 4 is the best thing right now if it can handle Jellyfin and NextCloud. It’s cheap and small and as a first home server would be a nice thing to play with

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Hi any suggestions on what I could buy as a small home server? I would like to self host Jellyfin, my website and maybe NextCloud (I wanted to try) I saw an Intel NUC on Amazon but I’m not sure

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