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Azure Pipelines question:
Is it possible to use the builded files from the previous job in the next job without having to upload and download the artifact? If yes, how? Can’t find anything online. Microsoft docs basically just says “yes you can” without explaining how

5 Hours, I hate Batch. Why do you have to save quotes in the variabile. Why.

set a=“hi”

set b=“Pippo”

echo %a%%b%

You would expect “Hi Pippo” as output without quotes right? No. You get “hi””Pippo” with quotes. Why is that a thing I want to die

I’ve been using Terraform for like 2 days at my internship and I’m already loving it hahaha

Do you use a dotfiles manager? Which one? I tried dotdrop tonight but I think I did something wrong with git submodules and oh-my-zsh didn’t got imported on the git repository (on gitlab I see a submodule without a link, on my local folder I see everything that should be inside oh-my-zsh directory

Quick question: which DNS do you use (and why, if you want)? I’m currently using cloudflare and pihole

I started playing again Minecraft to get away from coding for like 2/3 days. Hope this will help me have a boost and finish the frontend of the school project before May 25 (the deadline is the 28)

I’m playing with NixOS in the free time and I’m liking the idea behind it. But I don’t think it would replace Arch as daily OS

Forgot to say that if I embed the svg in an img tag it loads but I can't change color

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it does display the fallback img correctly and has this link in the builded html /img/logo.ef89dca1.png

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Anyone ever used object html tag in a vue project? I need to embed an svg file but I keep getting this error:

GET http://localhost/@/assets/level.svg
[HTTP/1.1 431 Request Header Fields Too Larg

I think it's because it doesn't correctly translate the @/assets etc? It works correctly if I use an img tag

Hi, I’m working on a school project and since building physical sensors isn’t our thing we have to build a software that generates the hypothetical sensor data. Any suggestion on some strange math formula that I don’t know that could do some ups and downs? I don’t know, never generated data and don’t know where to start, if you got any tip (also online resource) it will be highly appreciated haha

Oh no why ncspot requires a premium spotify account :( I wanted to try it :( sad noises. At least now I have an awesome wm thanks to copying JavaCafe01 dotfiles from github haha

Hi, these days I'm playing with windows managers. Is there a way I can have different configs for them? Like for picom or eww or polybar ecc?

Today it happened while I was doing school at about 11:00. Found out that I had networking.service and dhcpcd running at the same time and read online that this can cause issues. Dhcpcd status was “Failed”. I disabled networking.service and setup dhcpcd, hope this solves the problem. I’m still running a script every minute to check the connection and reconnect the eth0 interface.

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It’s ok to ping to check internet connectivity?

On the router it even says it’s connected and online but I can’t ping it or ssh into it. Idk I’ll just go to sleep and reboot it tomorrow morning

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Mh I don’t get why at about 00:45 the raspberry stopped working, yesterday and today too about at the same hour. Yesterday I had to switch off the power physically and then on again. I can’t tonight but I really don’t understand why this happens. I don’t know what to look

need help with nextcloud and reverse proxy 

I'm using frp ( as a reverse proxy to access my home server from everywhere. I'm trying to setup nextcloud for some friends but we all get blocked for "too many requests". I found the nextcloud doc about this and added my VPS ip as trusted proxies but still doesn't work. X-Forwarded-From is correct. Anyone knows what I can do? Here's the config:

I hope someone knows how to do it correctly ahaha

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