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@kev how do I change timeline on Toot! ? Now I see only posts in home

I have a question
In bash to cd to the just created dir I use “mkdir asd && cd $_” so I don’t have to rewrite the dir name.
How can I do that in fish? Tried to search online but found only bash results

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People of the internet: let's settle this once and for all. Is the hash tag or ?

Ok windows randomly broke and it doesn’t boot nice. I’ll just watch the screen for 4 hours

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Someone knows how to develop Windows Form apps on Linux? Right now I’m booting windows and I will install Visual Studio, if Windows will boot

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I just released v0.1.0 of Folks.
If you want to read about it I've updated the post on forum. I'll leave you the link down here. I will also record a video about all the current features soon.

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Boost this toot to make Tux :tux: happy ;)
Software: LibreOffice Draw :libreoffice:

Ok in the video the audio seems like it only comes from left or right. Just found out that if I set "Mono" on obs the audio works from both left and right. Fixed for next video

Today I finally had time to work on Folks which is a mod that adds customizable NPCs.
TL;DR I added a GUI to customize NPC and added support for multiple messages.

As always I made a video where I show these features, if you want you can watch it here

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While I am coding I...

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At least the teacher looks like a Linux user and has a Libreoffice sticker on his laptop. Oh wait, he is using Ubuntu. Didn’t noticed it at first (well, pretty sure it’s Gnome the DE, so maybe he is on Ubuntu and that’s why he asked to download Ubuntu app)

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