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Tomorrow we start a Linux class (don’t really know what this is about), the funny thing is that I should use Windows because the teacher asked to install the “Ubuntu” app from windows store. Guess I’ll just download it but I’ll stick with arch and follow what he has to say there

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Reminder that today at 21:00 GMT+1 we're gonna have the first Block League tournament on our Minetest server 🏆

@MinetestVideos and @opensourcegaming are going to be there to stream the whole event, but if you want to see it with your own eyes, we've also implemented an experimental... *drum roll* spectate mode! 💆‍♀️

See you there 🐳


Job interview for a stage 

Today I had different job interview for the stage that I’ll do with school, at some point one man asked me “Do you know how to use Linux?” And I was “Yeah sure it’s my main OS” he was like “D: ok for me your hired” Than when he asked “and do you use the terminal” I answered “Yeah, I also use vim as main text editor for quick editing or editing files in a VPS”, and again he was like “DD: ok 10 more point for you haha”. That was funny

Today I started an AWS class at school, never used it so this is something new

Hi, I'm trying to self host but I keep getting this crash i don't know why. It works on my website but I can't get it to work on this server.
Hope someone can help

Done. I wanted to it tomorrow but I was “talking” with people that think “if I like asiatic girls why should the porn site suggest me other videos I don’t like?” So I deleted it now and fuck it

Guess I’ll have to play doom on windows, I can’t get Bethesda launcher to work, sometimes lutris even crashes when I try to install or click play

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Just watched a YouTube video on how to install Bethesda launcher with Lutris, in the video everything works but I keep getting permission errors from wine :(

Nvm just re-applied the theme and everything is back to normal

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Something broke on my kde plasma, haven't used it for a bit, I think a wm started inside kde, maybe I did something wrong on some config file. How can I check what happened?

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Can anyone recommend a mastodon instance for home crafters?

Trying to convince my partner to join and a creative and craft place for her to share would be excellent 👍

Is C# really so used in the work world? At school they are teaching us C# for OOP and now even for backend applications

A sad moment 

Today SOPHIE died, I’ll miss her :(
Her songs helped me last year in a bad period :(

Don’t even need to write something funny, it’s already funny as it is haha (shouldn’t be)

I tried starship today, I just found a preset on their GitHub wiki and I like it

I made some progress on Folks. Now NPCs can have a custom skin and a custom color name.
Here's a video showing that:

I started uploading video on peertube so it's easier to keep track of them

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I'm working on an NPC mod called "Folks". For now they just stare at you and you can rename them (every NPC can have it's custom name).
Here's a quick video showing that:

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What is your choice after switching from #WhatsApp?

Please help me share.

#FreeSoftware #OpenSource

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