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Hi, I have to authenticated user between frontend (Vue JS) and backend (Flask). I found this resource
but it's like 3 years old. Do you know any resource that is "younger"?

Just saw my first earthquake, I was a bit scared at first but luckily it was a little one

And I've just written an horrible tic-tac-toe game in but it works so...

Yay, finally, after like 9 years: SNOW.
It will rain soon so it will go away but at least I saw it.

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hey, it's christmas morning
i didn't exactly eat anything yesterday other than a single sandwich since we're low on food
if you'd like to help out with me being able to eat something more substantial, this is my paypal

(please don't donate if you can't, i don't want to take away from other people's money if they don't have stability and can just make it back)

I started a private blog yesterday night while I was high and today I started a public one just to write something sometimes.

I customized it with nord colors. I think I have an addiction to nord colorscheme

Will I be able to self host writefreely on docker just for fun?

Everyone saying marry Christmas but here is still 24th, I’ll say it tomorrow haha

Hi this toot is made from the command line toot client. I don't think I'll use it again.
But now I start programming again after like 2 weeks of full immersion on cyberpunk.

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I have a friend with a severe problem with his cataracts

I'm trying the screen reader in Gnome but it doesn't read the content of web pages or of Telegram chats

It just says when I switch windows

How do I get it to read a web page ?

So I can help my friend ?


My teacher is talking about privacy while using Microsoft PowerPoint for slides and google meet

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@Minetest also, help me share the love! Translating the skin mod in your language will help it to reach more people, more easily. I just need three words:

- "wear" (as in "wear these clothes")
- "by" (as in "made by this_guy")
- "Wardrobe"

I'll credit you, of course, just say a (nick)name!

(currently available in 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 🇪🇸 )

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Haha yay it’s finally happening, google is down yay

I should stop playing cyberpunk and get back to AoC but that’s too hard. It is so immersive, I’ve lost the entire afternoon doing side quests

I think they forgot something when looking at the mirror
Ik this is not foss related but I didn’t wanted to create another account in another instance just to post some off topic toot sometimes sorry :(

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