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@OSE oh god, luckily on my home pc I have AMD, but on school pc there’s nvidia

Ok windows randomly broke and it doesn’t boot nice. I’ll just watch the screen for 4 hours

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Someone knows how to develop Windows Form apps on Linux? Right now I’m booting windows and I will install Visual Studio, if Windows will boot

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I just released v0.1.0 of Folks.
If you want to read about it I've updated the post on forum. I'll leave you the link down here. I will also record a video about all the current features soon.

@mzumquadrat If this can help you I have started making videos about the development of my minetest mod. They are short videos like 1-3 minutes where I just showcase what I added in the mod

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Boost this toot to make Tux :tux: happy ;)
Software: LibreOffice Draw :libreoffice:

@tobtobxx Yeah, I would recommend (Just search AES or A.E.S. and you find it in the server list.), it's a minigames server made by friends

Ok in the video the audio seems like it only comes from left or right. Just found out that if I set "Mono" on obs the audio works from both left and right. Fixed for next video

Today I finally had time to work on Folks which is a mod that adds customizable NPCs.
TL;DR I added a GUI to customize NPC and added support for multiple messages.

As always I made a video where I show these features, if you want you can watch it here

@sotolf I went with default config and I changed TERM to be “xterm-256color” instead of “alacritty” and now it works without problems like it did on Konsole

@sotolf on this pc I just put colors in config file, so maybe that’s the problem, I’ll try to copy everything from the default one and change colors

@sotolf speaking about Alacritty, I noticed that I have problems when I’m in an ssh connection to an Ubuntu server, like I can’t use vim and other things I don’t remember. Maybe it’s something wrong with my confit?

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