I'm so powerful today. I was also able to change the icon theme D:

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@jordan31 I installed "Dash to dock" gnome extension to move the application button to the right. I also wanted to make it more transparent but I wasn't able to do it :(

because I just learned how to do this thing on the terminal and changed my wallpaper

I'm so excited because I added like/unlike feature on Flask's tutorial

Fuck me because I just lost 46€ on casino machine following instructions on a telegram's channel

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Code learning, what for? 

@artrotrogus In realtà non so molto, per ora mi basterebbe un'infarinatura generale. Ma cosa intendi con sviluppare da terminale?

@artrotrogus In realtà ne so molto poco perchè mi sto avvicinando ora questo mondo, quindi puoi condividere tutto quello che vuoi, mi farebbe piacere!

I hate it too, it was better going to school :(

@GregHeath65 I'm using fedilab, you can download it from fdroid

And I'm finally done with my IT school homework. Now I can sleep

@openrisk It's time to start working on a new project! ahaha

@Tayo i'm the noob here but now i know how to use emojis! :thonking:

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