Quick question: which DNS do you use (and why, if you want)? I’m currently using cloudflare and pihole

@AbbieNormal I would’ve too but most of the time I have school (from 9:00 to 18:00), at least this weekend I’m going in another city with my girlfriend so that will definitely help more than Minecraft hahah

I started playing again Minecraft to get away from coding for like 2/3 days. Hope this will help me have a boost and finish the frontend of the school project before May 25 (the deadline is the 28)

@arek yep, it’s nice. I’ll keep playing with it in a VM for now and you should definitely give it a try someday

@arek Yeah it’s like IaaC.

First reason yes, it doesn’t have AUR

Second, I wasn’t able to find/install a neovim-nightly build, I find only neovim 0.4.4, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just soon to speak.

It does have a wiki but I think it’s like a niche in the Linux niche so finding help online seems harder haha

@arek mainly the fact that you define your entire system configuration on a file and every time you reinstall the os should reproduce the same result. You can quickly rollback to previous generations (configurations) in case you break something or simply don’t like what you have done.

There’s also a package called home-manager that should allow you to describe in a file your home configuration per user (haven’t tried it yet)

I’m playing with NixOS in the free time and I’m liking the idea behind it. But I don’t think it would replace Arch as daily OS

Forgot to say that if I embed the svg in an img tag it loads but I can't change color

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it does display the fallback img correctly and has this link in the builded html /img/logo.ef89dca1.png

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Anyone ever used object html tag in a vue project? I need to embed an svg file but I keep getting this error:

GET http://localhost/@/assets/level.svg
[HTTP/1.1 431 Request Header Fields Too Larg

I think it's because it doesn't correctly translate the @/assets etc? It works correctly if I use an img tag

@sakkara Hey thank you but I think i'll go with a sinusoidal function because it has the wave effect I was looking for

@meisam I’ll have to check these out and I’m trying numpy now, we decided to go with nodejs for that part of the project but if I manage to understand that with numpy I’ll ask to use python and just write the code by myself haha

@meisam the second option seems easier, the normal distribution is the math thing I have to look online?

@TheFerridge could work, just have to figure out how to say to that thing “you should be inside that range” haha. Now I regret not following math things

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