And what about the static public IP? I don't have one and I think buying one costs a lot

I'll check Heroku, thanks.
The webapp will basically be my portfolio with a blog section and every project will be on his own page like domain/projects/project_id

Hey! Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could host a webapp written in python (Flask) without spending a lot of money/month? This will really be just a simple webapp and won't have a lot of people visiting it.

After like, 2 or 3 hours I finally learned Vim's basic commands (and got a bit used to them) and customized it.

I'm so powerful today. I was also able to change the icon theme D:

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@jordan31 I installed "Dash to dock" gnome extension to move the application button to the right. I also wanted to make it more transparent but I wasn't able to do it :(

because I just learned how to do this thing on the terminal and changed my wallpaper

I'm so excited because I added like/unlike feature on Flask's tutorial

Fuck me because I just lost 46€ on casino machine following instructions on a telegram's channel

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Code learning, what for? 

I think the sentence I repeated most of the times in the past year was

"Now I could learn also {{ random_language }}"

So for C++, Racket, Haskell... The problem is doing it for no specific purpose just ends up with tons of basic stuff and a steep descending motivation gradient. I am trying to find some projects that involve really useful programs, not just code learning for the sake of code learning. I'd like to step up my self learning to more reality-effective skills.

@artrotrogus In realtà non so molto, per ora mi basterebbe un'infarinatura generale. Ma cosa intendi con sviluppare da terminale?

@artrotrogus In realtà ne so molto poco perchè mi sto avvicinando ora questo mondo, quindi puoi condividere tutto quello che vuoi, mi farebbe piacere!

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