very realistic donut 

I’m trying to 3D model with blender just for fun haha

Ok in the video the audio seems like it only comes from left or right. Just found out that if I set "Mono" on obs the audio works from both left and right. Fixed for next video

Done. I wanted to it tomorrow but I was “talking” with people that think “if I like asiatic girls why should the porn site suggest me other videos I don’t like?” So I deleted it now and fuck it

Something broke on my kde plasma, haven't used it for a bit, I think a wm started inside kde, maybe I did something wrong on some config file. How can I check what happened?

Don’t even need to write something funny, it’s already funny as it is haha (shouldn’t be)

I'm working on an NPC mod called "Folks". For now they just stare at you and you can rename them (every NPC can have it's custom name).
Here's a quick video showing that:

This thing is going (I hope) a first home server to self host something just to use at home (like Jellyfin). Hope it will work haha. I’m downloading Ubuntu server and I’ll install it because I forgot username and password of the current Debian installation

I just started using bspwm to try another tiling window manager because I was having some problems with qtile. It's pretty much default and I installed polybar. (yeah i'm copying the screenshot setup from @sotolf)

Anyone ever used C# to create bitmaps on Linux? This is a homework for school but I get this error even with teacher’s code.
I guess I can’t use System.Drawings on Linux(?)

I just did my first JsonWebToken authentication between Vue and Flask haha!

Hey Fosstodon! I did it!!!! 

Haha take that Apple. I did it! But I’ll never buy apple products again! Don’t do my same mistake

Yay, finally, after like 9 years: SNOW.
It will rain soon so it will go away but at least I saw it.

I think they forgot something when looking at the mirror
Ik this is not foss related but I didn’t wanted to create another account in another instance just to post some off topic toot sometimes sorry :(

My first configuration in with . is a drug, once you start use it, you want it everywhere.
(Btw I copied DistroTube configuration and made some little changes for the moment)

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