Is there any software to create a wiki for personal use? Just to keep track of things I discover so I don’t have to search for hours every time. Some plus are: foss, being able to self host, minimal but appealing interface (it’s ok to write some css), it’s ok if I have to write markdown. Doesn’t strictly have to be all those things at the same time

@redeagle I’ll give it a look tomorrow, I think I like it from what I’ve seen on their website

@dajbelshaw @SonoMichele Seconded, it's pretty easy to spin up and has just the right amount of features (but you can go really deep with macros and stuff if you want)

@annika @dajbelshaw i knew about that and tried it a day but didn’t really understood it. I’ll give it another try , thank you

@SonoMichele vimwiki, and ripgrep to search through the entries you create.

@SonoMichele I like using Emacs's org mode for that kinda thing.
You can easily like between org files, display images, and bits of code.

I prefer the file based approach as opposed to the web-sight version. It makes it harder to access your personal wiki from any device on your network. But it's one less thing to worry about, and it's as secure as your computer is.

Org mode is the only reason why I have Emacs installed on my computer. Spacemacs makes it easy to do as a vim user.

@SonoMichele I use dokuwiki for this. Easy to self-host, and flat file so no database server needed. There is a plug-in for markdown, but I’ve found it a bit fussy in conjunction with indents for code.

@SonoMichele mediawiki ~ the foundation of wikipedia itself, if I'm not mistaken.

@MindOfJoe i didn’t thought about that. I’ll give it a look

@SonoMichele I use it on my home LAN and I've used it a commercial client sites without any problem ~ it's pretty easy & configurable. Good luck with whatever you choose :-)

@SonoMichele In Debian I used to use docuwiki for this and stick it on a common machine. It's dead simple to setup and use.

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