Any suggestion on a mechanical keyboard? I mainly program and sometimes play (if it has italian layout it's better so I don't have to learn a new layout haha)

@SonoMichele I have a corsair k70 mk 2 and it's fine. The layout is very intuitive and the cherry brown switches are a pleasure to use. I have the italian layout but I do a lot of typing too

@SonoMichele I‘ve been using Logitech products since ~20 years, so I’m kinda biased here. However, I really like my Pro X. It’s a bit expensive (~150€) but has interchangeable switches. If you’re ok with using a wired TKL keyboard, I’d recommend it. Just be warned that their software (G HUB) is an absolute nightmare lol

@SonoMichele It’s basically a meme at this point. Logitech‘s software tends to be really buggy at times. Some people have immense problems with it while others have none at all. I personally have had no big problems with it but I’m also not really into creating macros, different profiles for different software/games and stuff. I just set a color profile, save it onto the keyboards memory and never touch that software again.

@telroy hahaha ok I understand. I don’t even have a software for my current keyboard, I just set the color to blue from the keyboard and that’s it

@SonoMichele I have a couple of Ducky One2 keyboards and I’m very happy with them.

@kev I saw those in the past and I liked them but I don’t know where to buy them (I’m in Italy)

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