It’s ok to ping to check internet connectivity?

@Xystel I don’t know, maybe they don’t like someone pinging them every minute. I saw this domain on my pihole haha

@SonoMichele ohh you mean every minute 24/7? Idk test it, in the worst case your IP will be blocked. Then u know that they don't like that.

@Xystel hahaha. I know my pc does that, not every minute but sometimes

@SonoMichele well, if you have no privacy concerns about that.

@Xystel I pinged because of that hahaha. Maybe I could just simply ping my website

@SonoMichele Usually I'd ping, as does a GNOME Shell Extension I use that does latency checks.

In my view it's always better to ping IP addresses, especially when they serve as both Anycast responders and DNS servers as well.

@oedmarap makes sense, I’ll ping that. Just a question, what is an Anycast responder?

@SonoMichele "Anycast is a network addressing and routing method in which incoming requests can be routed to a variety of different locations."

While is a single IP address, Cloudflare's entire global network can respond to its requests.

This is how for example they can serve your cached website's files from a number of CDN locations with the same speed; whether the user is in New York or India. The domain's A record IP is the same, but a different datacenter serves the content.

@oedmarap uh nice, didn’t know the name of this technology, thank you!

@derp Thank you for the suggestion but I already know the problem is the raspberry pi getting disconnected so I really just need to ping something

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