Mh I don’t get why at about 00:45 the raspberry stopped working, yesterday and today too about at the same hour. Yesterday I had to switch off the power physically and then on again. I can’t tonight but I really don’t understand why this happens. I don’t know what to look

On the router it even says it’s connected and online but I can’t ping it or ssh into it. Idk I’ll just go to sleep and reboot it tomorrow morning

Today it happened while I was doing school at about 11:00. Found out that I had networking.service and dhcpcd running at the same time and read online that this can cause issues. Dhcpcd status was “Failed”. I disabled networking.service and setup dhcpcd, hope this solves the problem. I’m still running a script every minute to check the connection and reconnect the eth0 interface.

@SonoMichele /var/log/{messages,syslog, ...} ~ just sort the directory by time and dig in. Might want to see if there are any cron jobs scheduled around that time (sudo crontab -l, an maybe also in /etc/cron.daily/ ).

Also, if critical things are in there, you might put your own cron job in there to periodically check that everything's okay, else reconnect, reset services, reboot, or whatever is necessary.

@mindofjoe I’ll check everything tomorrow ty. I also just found out that more people had kinda the same problem in the past with different raspberry and their solution was to check every x minutes if it was connected and if not to restart eth0 interface. I’ll try all that tomorrow.

@SonoMichele I've had the issue with wireless not coming back after a hiccup, but not wired ~ but sound strategy. Depending on how important the service is, I might do check/reset if nesc. network every 15m, check network again in 5m, rebooting if necessary (since presumably the network fix failed).

If you've not heard of it, you might look into nagios too. It's FOSS & used to check in on boxes and services.

Good luck!

@mindofjoe didn’t know about it, I’ll check it out too. The raspberry is also used as a dns for my whole home network with pi hole and unbound so if it doesn’t work I can’t use internet. I’ll check internet connection maybe every minute.

Thank you and have a good night/day!

@SonoMichele if you use DHCP, it may be that the IP leasing is expiring and not being renewed for some reason (that would explain the almost-periodical situation). I've seen this issue happen with some crappy cable routers (never on a Pi, though).

@crappo I use dhcp but I set up a static ip for the pi on the router (maybe I have to set it on the pi too). As router I have a fritzbox that was given to me by the ISP

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