Hi any suggestions on what I could buy as a small home server? I would like to self host Jellyfin, my website and maybe NextCloud (I wanted to try) I saw an Intel NUC on Amazon but I’m not sure

@SonoMichele just to come up with the most boring suggestion ever: just a random old laptop lying around?

My 2007 macbook with an external hard drive is probably overdoing "low end", but it's not taking a lot of power (... it's a laptop), and it's handling reasonably well whatever I was throwing at it (file server, Minecraft, random other things). Probably a lot better than running from an SD card.


@ssafar Sadly I don’t have and old laptop because the old laptop completely broke some years ago :(

@SonoMichele ... yeah, that considerably simplifies the choice of whether to use it or not :) given the rest of the thread, +1 vote to "pi 4" then :)

(... they might even be able to transcode in hardware maybe?)

@ssafar i don’t know, right now I’m looking online for hdd and how to use it on the rasp. I’m also looking for a case and maybe a fan(?)

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