Hi any suggestions on what I could buy as a small home server? I would like to self host Jellyfin, my website and maybe NextCloud (I wanted to try) I saw an Intel NUC on Amazon but I’m not sure

@SonoMichele Regarding Nextcloud, I easily run it on a Raspberry Pi 4. I also run Jellyfin on an i5 NUC, and it often pegs one of my cores when it's transcoding.

@tompurl so I guess I won’t be able to run Jellyfin and NextCloud on the same rasp 4

@SonoMichele I haven't tried it but I have to imagine you would have a few problems. But at least it's cheap to experiment with those things! I'm often surprised by how well some of my projects run on a Raspberry Pi.

@tompurl yeah I think I’ll buy a rasp 4 and if doesn’t run both I’ll use it to experiment things

@SonoMichele Also I don't mean to spam you but what you're doing is *exactly* what I just finished doing :-) Here's some notes I took on setting up my IPFire system:

- blog.tompurl.com/how-i-learned

Good luck!


@tompurl I’ll save that for later, thank you!

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