Hi any suggestions on what I could buy as a small home server? I would like to self host Jellyfin, my website and maybe NextCloud (I wanted to try) I saw an Intel NUC on Amazon but I’m not sure

My biggest 2020 project was actually running a public Nextcloud instance on my home network. It was a non-trivial investment of time and money but it was also very fun.

I ended up installing IPFire on a used HP Elitedesk 705 G3 SFF (~ $120) and using that as my router so I could easily setup a proper DMZ network. I also bought a decent 2-port ethernet card, which added about $60.

I then installed Nextcloud on a Raspberry PI 4 (~ $80 total) in my DMZ network and it's worked very well for me.


@tompurl a day I would like to those things too haha

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