Now that I've lived with drastically reduced caffeine for a couple of weeks I think I'm ready to share some thoughts on it.

@sotolf didn’t know coffe was so addictive haha, luckily I don’t like it

@SonoMichele It's not like it's that addictive, I like drinking it, it just has some side effects if you're used to drinking it and suddenly stop, but it's not like nicotine, with nicotine you get this craving for more, I've never had that with coffee.

@sotolf oh ok. Even though I haven’t smoked a lot it was hard to stop smoking cigarettes because of nicotine, but I’ve made it so I’m happy haha

@SonoMichele Yeah, nicotine is crazy addictive, I'd say coffee is more addictive in the way that chocolate is addictive, you just kind of want the next one, but it's not like you're having physical cravings for it really.

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