He is introducing the class to FOSS

@SonoMichele epic, I have one math teacher who used mint and I was so happy to realize that

@joeligj12 @SonoMichele some teachers of mine were using Debian with Mate desktop.

One of them was using Arch Linux with Mate, too. He was a totally strange teacher to be honest, but I liked him.

My other teachers were just using proprietary crap over woedows, asking me to crack software such as MATLAB :/

@marcosg @SonoMichele I had a teacher who also thaught us MATLAB but told us to get Octave instead, it was epic tbh.
But the teacher wasnt that great

@joeligj12 @SonoMichele well, he did a great thing. Octave is a nice MATLAB replacement

@SonoMichele well, he actually couldn't tell people to just replace woedows

A better alternative would have been asking to install VirtualBox and run a Ubuntu Machine. That would be a lot more useful.

@marcosg No he couldn’t do that, but he could have asked to download the iso and maybe show how to install Ubuntu in a VM, because he didn’t even knew how the app worked on Windows. Hope he’ll show an installation

@marcosg but I think he is doing a great job at explaining some things of the terminal

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