I just started using bspwm to try another tiling window manager because I was having some problems with qtile. It's pretty much default and I installed polybar. (yeah i'm copying the screenshot setup from @sotolf)

@SonoMichele Looking nice, how are you coming along with bspwm? I really like it :)

@sotolf Too soon to say something since I just installed it, but it seems faster than qtile (maybe it's just me). I'll have to look at polybar documentation so I can customize it

@SonoMichele bspwm is a very small window manager, it's using less resources than dwm even :) so it's very light and fast, if you wonder about anything else than polybar (I'm shit at configuring bars) you can ask I have my configurations over at github :)

@SonoMichele I forgot that bspwm had standard configuration files, so it did nothing for me in the beginning, but now I'm kind of happy that I started completely from scratch since I now know everything the configurations do :p

I see that you have tty-clock there. But why isn't it in your wallpapers?

Linked script is my attempt to embed tty-clock into wallpaper from wayback when I was using i3wm. It is designed for 1366x768 resolution and may require some modification for larger displays.


@murtezayesil @SonoMichele For me at least I almost never see my wallpaper, unless I open a new desktop, and I have it in my bar anyways, I just have it up in case I take a screenshot, or I'm waiting for a specific time. deadline or something.

@sotolf @murtezayesil Same as sotolf but I'm trying to set up your script because I'm curious

Share a screenshot after you applied it, if you applied it.

@murtezayesil Yep, I did. I can't say if it's in the center or not, I think it is. I modified only the color. I Could try to working something out to get it while the screen is locked. I don't know if it's possible

@SonoMichele tiling wms are awesome! i'll definitely need to set one up once i'm done with nixos

@kqldm Yeah they are! I can’t code without a wm since I tried qtile some months ago

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