I just noticed that mastodon (or fosstodon, never tried other instances) managed to customize the scroll on firefox. Didn't know that was possible, I've tried a lot of times but never succeeded :(

@SonoMichele what do you mean by « customize the scroll »?

@Crocmagnon Woops I meant the scroll bar, the one on the right of the screen to scroll the page

@SonoMichele You mean like being able to have multiple scroll bars in your page, one per column? If that's what you're looking for, IIRC it's a standard CSS feature "overflow".

@Crocmagnon I mean this one. It isn't the default appearance (you can see it in the second image)

@SonoMichele Oh sorry! Interesting, I don't see the same thing as you 🤔

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