My first configuration in with . is a drug, once you start use it, you want it everywhere.
(Btw I copied DistroTube configuration and made some little changes for the moment)

@SonoMichele ah so you installed the picom fork with rounded corners, it's working well for you are the animations cool? maybe getting rid of the python icon in the tl corner would be nice, it sticks out a bit much :)

@sotolf Yeah the picom fork works without problems and the animation are cool but I haven't tweaked it yet. I know, I have to get rid pf the python icon but I would like to find another one which in some way says "Hey, this is the menu"

@SonoMichele I was just a bit worried about the updates for that one, so I left it with the bare picom ;) ah, I just deleted the whole thing, as I use rofi for launching applications ;) there is a nice nord theme for rofi as well btw

@SonoMichele Yeah, it's like dmenu, just a bit nicer in my opinion, I use dmenu for some things and rofi for others, but I like it a as a launcher, you can tell it to use icons as well if you want, but I find it's looking a bit too cluttered.

@SonoMichele Hehe, yeah my configuration as well is based on the DT one, it's a really good one to get started with in my opinion :)

@sotolf I think that too, there's a bit of everything and it's already nice. The default configuration scared me and I wanted to stop using qtile lol

@SonoMichele Hehe, yeah the base configuration is... well... bare ;) it's kind of scary starting out, the DT one is a bit over loaded, but it's easier to just delete things you don't want, and then change things you don't like.

@sotolf Haha yeah, it's easier to delete or comment out things you don't need instead of checking the whole documentation to discover what you can do and what not

@SonoMichele So you're enjoying qtile this far? Just wanted to see if I led you on a good path or a bad one ;)

@sotolf Yeah I'm enjoying it, and it also made me more productive becouse I only see what I need and I don't have to lose time to switch window often, just when I want to change music and send messages on telegram

@AbbieNormal it’s a tailing window manager written in python for Linux ( )

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