Hey! Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could host a webapp written in python (Flask) without spending a lot of money/month? This will really be just a simple webapp and won't have a lot of people visiting it.

@SonoMichele Would Heroku fit your needs? Depending on what it is and what it's doing you might be able to get away with the free tier.

I'll check Heroku, thanks.
The webapp will basically be my portfolio with a blog section and every project will be on his own page like domain/projects/project_id

@SonoMichele @gray I personally use a Vultr instance for this. 5 bucks a month, just gotta set up nginx (or caddy, I found out about that here and I have been eyeballing it)

And what about the static public IP? I don't have one and I think buying one costs a lot

@SonoMichele my router has dynamic DNS support built in, so I use the dynamic DNS service from NOIP. I just have the free account. Also my router has a DMZ port, which is useful for hosting the device separately from my home network

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