Hi everyone, I just joined the Fediverse!

@SonoMichele Hello Michele - great that you joined this friendly mastodon instance👍 - my core interests are

@konrad Hello and thank you! I am now approaching the importance of privacy and the FOSS world thanks to @zughy .
I'm also starting to write opensource software.

@SonoMichele @zughy great stuff. Our small project - - has an academia background and it's a non-profit organisation in . We always give friendly support to new volunteers (graphic designers, coders, bloggers...) joining the project

@konrad I'll have a better look at it tomorrow because now I don't have a lot of time, sorry

Welcome. Hope you like it here. It's a bit slow at first but look around, follow people that seem interesting and soon you'll be in the middle of it. If you haven't and are of a mind to, send an or toot with your interests.

Custom emoji list for Fosstodon:

Kev's most excellent article about getting started:

Brandon's blog on discovery on Mastodon:


@Tayo Thank you for the links! I'll have a look to them and write an introducion toot soon!

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