I remember reading somewhere that I shouldn't use real black on real white for websites but can't find it anywhere. Anyone knows about anything this?

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What do you all use for getting a list of countries, states for a country, and then cities for a state?

Is there a self hostable (foss) software to upload pdfs/ebooks and read them through a web interface? (Maybe with the ability to add bookmarks at least)

I’ve been playing Core Keeper lately and I really like it

I need help, my ArchLinux stopped booting. It complains it can’t find root disk by uuid but I can mount and see the files of said disk in a live boot. I can’t write commands on the fallback shell. It looks like it’s frozen

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We're Hiring! 🎉

Join the Bitwarden team as Product Manager, Developer Experience! bitwarden.com/careers/49205560

"As Product Manager, Platform and Community at Bitwarden, you will lead prioritization efforts in a wide array of areas, including improvements to platform architecture, supporting internal operations, and enabling community contributors." 💪

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My fear: #wasm will bring back more proprietary code running on my machine that I can not control. With all the access modern browsers have, I don’t feel safe. Can someone explain why I am wrong? Or not :)

I just learned about Tauri, a toolkit for creating desktop apps with rust backend and javascript frontend without bundling chromium like electron tauri.studio/

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If you've got some spare time today, you're new to the , and just went with mastodon.social as the default option, why not explore some other instances?

You can do this by:

1. Going to joinmastodon.org/communities and browsing

2. Checking out which instances your existing friends / new contacts are on

3. Searching hashtags relevant to you and seeing common instances people tend to be on who use those hashtags

4. Asking people to recommend an instance based on interests you state

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A few things going on with this one that might not be obvious.
I'm controlling it with a headset that tracks my head and eye movement. It also has cameras in the eyeballs, streaming a stereo feed back to the headset. Where I look, it looks.

Another stewart platform for the mount - they're great for getting fluid and responsive motion out of cheap servos.

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I just learned about Dangerzone:

Take potentially dangerous PDFs, office documents, or images and convert them to safe PDFs

Homepage: dangerzone.rocks/

: github.com/firstlookmedia/dang

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Quick run through a whole round of the

Starting to feel like a game!

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Hey and !
@floppy and I would like to announce !

We realize that there is a lot currently happening in the world, and we want to encourage you to take a breath and focus on the here and now.

Tomorrow on May 4th share a wholesome experience, photo, or thought that made you happy. Let's spotlight the good in the world and embrace the positive.

Tag it with so that others can take part in the good vibes as well :blobcatadorable:

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#AskFedi I am looking for the #book In the Night Garden, by Catherynne M. Valente. Me and a friend wish to read it together. Maybe I am missing something, but I cannot find it anywhere as a #DRMFfree #ebook or #AudioBook. Well, I've found it on Qobo, but I'm not sure how to check if it has DRM before buying.
I know a list of DRM-free bookstores was shared on here some time ago. Does anyone have it? Or could you otherwise point me in the right direction?

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Oh _______, I just can't quit you!

(Multiple choice poll)

If you are free of all 4, post about it!

@joel I just read your latest blog post. Have you tried looking for Google Reader API compatible clients for FreshRSS? Maybe you might find more apps

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