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Please don't spam this channel with newbie questions about "help im drowning" and "gblrblgrlb" before reading the quickstart documentation, thanks

Is there any software to create a wiki for personal use? Just to keep track of things I discover so I don’t have to search for hours every time. Some plus are: foss, being able to self host, minimal but appealing interface (it’s ok to write some css), it’s ok if I have to write markdown. Doesn’t strictly have to be all those things at the same time

I know this isn't FOSS but i really like what I did after one pixel art lesson with @zughy

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Show this to that one friend who still 👏 doesn't 👏 understand 👏 privacy.


Just learned that when you use azure rest api to execute commands in container instances you have to send a message containing the password the API returns to the webSocket uri that the api returns too

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Oh right, Ducky One 2 SF has arrived. Now I’m learning to write with 10 fingers instead of 4

Tip for the future me: UK is no more in the EU and I have to pay customs

Ok I’ll have to say goodbye to the Italian layout for keyboards. Keyboards market here basically doesn’t exists

Any suggestion on a mechanical keyboard? I mainly program and sometimes play (if it has italian layout it's better so I don't have to learn a new layout haha)

Or maybe what I’m doing is just conceptually wrong. I build a Java app with maven and then want to build a docker image from this jar

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Azure Pipelines question:
Is it possible to use the builded files from the previous job in the next job without having to upload and download the artifact? If yes, how? Can’t find anything online. Microsoft docs basically just says “yes you can” without explaining how

5 Hours, I hate Batch. Why do you have to save quotes in the variabile. Why.

set a=“hi”

set b=“Pippo”

echo %a%%b%

You would expect “Hi Pippo” as output without quotes right? No. You get “hi””Pippo” with quotes. Why is that a thing I want to die

I’ve been using Terraform for like 2 days at my internship and I’m already loving it hahaha

Do you use a dotfiles manager? Which one? I tried dotdrop tonight but I think I did something wrong with git submodules and oh-my-zsh didn’t got imported on the git repository (on gitlab I see a submodule without a link, on my local folder I see everything that should be inside oh-my-zsh directory

Quick question: which DNS do you use (and why, if you want)? I’m currently using cloudflare and pihole

I started playing again Minecraft to get away from coding for like 2/3 days. Hope this will help me have a boost and finish the frontend of the school project before May 25 (the deadline is the 28)

I’m playing with NixOS in the free time and I’m liking the idea behind it. But I don’t think it would replace Arch as daily OS

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