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Latest release of Linux 5.12 series (5.12.9 atm) now cooking on @Solus build server and assuming no explosions, should be coming to stable this Friday. Likely will create dedicated forum post to get community feedback on it, for those brave enough to test on unstable 🙂

Hey Beta Testers and Crew tiered members of our OpenCollective, you should be getting your respective email shortly with the latest link to the snapshot ISO(s)! Pardon any hiccups though, it is our first time doing this 😃 - Joshua

P.S. If you aren't donating through our OpenCollective yet, I would encourage you to head on over to

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In IRC: Marks self as zzz
Reality: imma cook some snapshot ISOs in preparation for "tomorrow" (cough* today cough*).

Have some updates today? You're not going crazy, I swear! It is in fact Thursday in this part of the world, we are doing it early (with possibility of second sync) to give more time for our first snapshot releases to OpenCollective folks! - Joshua

Mailing list segments set up for various OpenCollective Tiers? ✅
Email templates set up for use? ✅
Excited to start sending out weekly ISO snapshot(s) starting this Friday for the applicable tiers? ✅

I heard some of you might want that new fancy Firefox 89.0. Arriving in Solus stable repo with the usual Friday sync. - Joshua

P.S. In case you didn't know, we are now accepting donations! Check out our blog post at

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Our estimated annual budget just exceeded our goal for Solus infrastructure! Thank you all for your incredible support♥️ - Joshua

After much anticipation, in this blog post we announce the availability of community funding opportunities!

Not saying we got important news coming soon. However...may be worth keeping an eye on our Fosstodon today. - Joshua

The maintenance on the package repository is now complete. Thanks for your patience! - Joshua

⚠️ PSA ⚠️The package repository will undergoing maintenance shortly due to planned hardware changes for and will continue to be unavailable until their work is complete. This should not take more than a few hours. - Joshua

Solus is now available on the @liberachat IRC network! For more details on the IRC network, see - Joshua

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Going live for some paint drying, I mean a stream of just some chill lofi music, chatting while I work on other stuff, and syncing from unstable to stable repo. Feel free to stop by at

Remember folks. 👏 Sync 👏 is 👏 today. 👏 If you haven't read the blog post about all the goodies (and some things you may want to be aware of if you are a GNOME Shell user), be sure to do so! - Joshua

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From latest @Solus blog post: "It also is not going to cover anything that has landed between the release of the blog post and the sync on April 30th, because time does not work that way"

Literally. opencv, fuse 3, gvfs, kernel updates all since just last night.😁

It's time for The Roundup #19, your bytes of Solus news. In this roundup, we talk about our Budgie 10.5.3 bug fix release, GNOME 40, move to KDE's Qt5 patch collection, and more!

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The @Solus 40 Stack Upgrade: Day 4 (Finale) stream recording is now up on my Odysee channel! You can check it out at

GNOME 40 is still set to land in the stable repo on April 30th. So far testing in unstable has been going well!

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