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Bryan (DataDrake) is now live for libeopkg development! Check him out at

Going live for yet another day of Solus stream with Bryan and myself! Watch us at - Joshua

Just a reminder, Day 4 of Solus streaming starts in about 30 minutes! Bryan will be continuing his work on local Haskell rebuilds! ☃️ Be sure to tune in and say hello at or

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I was kinda expecting Budgie Desktop View development to span a few days. Nope. Last night I implemented Drag & Drop and today I already implemented the items for 1.2. Ahead of schedule substantially so gonna be working on usysconf-dconf instead!

Stream with Bryan is in about 1h30min! Be sure to head on over to or use the multistream link to watch us both!

Bryan (DataDrake) is now live, working on Haskell! Check him out at 🎉

Just a reminder, we're kicking off our two-week long streaming extravaganza in a little under 6 hours! Starting at 10:00 EST / 15:00 GMT is @JoshStrobl at, followed by Bryan at at 17:00 EST / 22:00 GMT 🎉

We'll be auto-hosting via our new Twitch channel as well!

It's time for The Roundup #18, your bytes of news. In this roundup, we are talking about our upcoming two week streaming extravaganza, Linux 5.10, new KDE goodies, and more!

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GTK 4.0 was just released by and I've been tinkering with the demos. I'm excited to see the next generation of this toolkit finally arrive and look forward to experimenting with it more for the GTK4 port of budgie-desktop-view! Congrats all those involved in this release!

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Was busy with Linux 5.10 yesterday so wasn't able to get around to this, but now cooking Firefox 84.0! Release notes aren't up yet so if you want some coverage on it, check out 9to5Linux's coverage of it at 🎉

Linux 5.10, as well as updates to firmware, nvidia-390-glx-driver, open-vm-tools, openrazer, and virtualbox are now in the unstable repo. Assuming no blockers, should get landed into the stable repo this Friday. If you use the unstable repo, we encourage you to update and test!

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I finally settled on @Solus for my desktop a month or two ago and it's been rock solid and a joy to use. The community is welcoming and I haven't got a single qualm about it. Certainly my distro for 2020 and beyond 👍


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Cooking 5.10 for @Solus at the moment. Looking forward to pushing this out to unstable in the next few hours. 🎉

We are proud to announce our newest iteration on our flagship desktop environment, 10.5.2, with a diverse range of new features and bug fixes! :budgie:

Read about all the goodies at

Breaking prior record of 1836 tracked jobs on the repo server during this sync with 1988 (few jobs completed before I could take screenshot) 🏆

Note: Doesn't mean that's how many packages changed, just how many deltas for them and their sub-packages we're creating. Still though!

It's time for The Roundup #17, your bytes of Solus news. In this roundup, we’re talking about our new desktop icons implementation for Budgie :budgie: , GNOME :gnome: 3.38, KDE and Plasma :plasma: updates, and more! 🎉

Congrats to Staudey on creating the 10000th patch to our development tracker! Absolutely incredible to see this many contributions to various packages by volunteers from around the world. You're all amazing. 🎉

Reminder to the multilinguals out there: Both Brisk Menu and Budgie are translatable and we'd love to get them translated into as many languages as possible!

Read more on our call to action at

GNOME 3.38.x just landed in unstable! Interested in helping test Budgie, GNOME Shell, various GNOME apps, and more? Check out our task on our development tracker (just beware, here be dragons and feral Budgies).

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