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Congrats to Staudey on creating the 10000th patch to our development tracker! Absolutely incredible to see this many contributions to various packages by volunteers from around the world. You're all amazing. πŸŽ‰

Reminder to the multilinguals out there: Both Brisk Menu and Budgie are translatable and we'd love to get them translated into as many languages as possible!

Read more on our call to action at

GNOME 3.38.x just landed in unstable! Interested in helping test Budgie, GNOME Shell, various GNOME apps, and more? Check out our task on our development tracker (just beware, here be dragons and feral Budgies).

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I'm going to be streaming Day 3 of the GNOME 3.38.x upgrade tomorrow (Sat.) at 1400 EET (1200 UTC) until around 2000 EET (1800 UTC). I'll just be pushing the packages to unstable, nothing too exciting, but you're welcome to tune in and heckle me at

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Been dogfooding 3.38.x under @Solus for a couple days now between the laptop and desktop, so far so good. Looks like I'll be pushing this to unstable during the weekend!

True story: Solus :solus: contributor EbonJaeger introduced a Raven position option coming in Budgie :budgie: 10.5.2 that allows you to choose whether or not to let Budgie handle Raven positioning itself, or always open it on the left or right side! πŸŽ‰

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Going live in 30-45min for Day 2 of the GNOME 3.38 Stack upgrade over at

Shorter stream today (probably 4-5 hours) but doesn't mean we can't make some nice progress!

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I'll be streaming Day 1 of the GNOME 3.38.x Stack upgrade for Solus tomorrow (Nov. 6th) starting at 1400 EET (1200 UTC) over at πŸŽ‰ Don't miss out on any of my rants!

Our Flarum (forum) has been updated. Maintenance on it is complete. Feel free to use it to report any issues! - Joshua

PSA: If you're using our Flarum (forums), we're going to be bringing it down momentarily for upgrades. Expect the usual hiccups that go along with it. Will follow-up when it should be resolved.

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NVMe namespace woes for Samsung controllers which prevented us from upgrading to newer kernels (5.7-rc1 and above) are finally gone w/ 5.10-rc1 πŸŽ‰ Posted about it at

One hell of a rabbit hole for Bryan (DataDrake) and I. Especially him, that poor guy.

Some new goodies for :plasma: are landing on unstable by Solus Plasma and KDE maintainer Girtablulu at the moment! Get ready for an update of:

- QT 5.15.1
- :kde: Applications 20.8.2
- KDE Framework 5.75
- Plasma Desktop 5.20.1


But as always, if you use the unstable repo, wait to update until we give the okay inside our IRC development channel, it's gonna take a while to build everything. Stable repo is still obviously not affected. πŸ˜€

With nodejs v14 expected to become the next "active LTS" starting next week, we just cooked up 14.14.0 and sent it off to the build server. You'll get it in next week's updates!

If you write nodejs under Solus, we'd suggest reading the deprecations doc.

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I think a :budgie: flew through the window and hacked my computer while I was AFK. Here's a screenshot showing mimetype-based icons being used, as well as leveraging Pixbuf loading to show thumbnails of images. Almost feature complete, with an intentional limited scope of course.

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I think my pockets have holes in them because another screenshot showing active mounts (for disk volumes and removable drives) in this one upcoming thing for :budgie: just fell out. Also showing it with the large icon sizing.


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Winter is coming. Except this will be better than the last season of Game of Thrones.

@Solus users have already gotten a bunch of these updates as syncs with git already, bugs dating back 3/4 years even being recently squashed.

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Oh no, a work in progress of something related to @Solus :budgie: just fell out of my pocket. A stepping stone to something maybe? Something up my sleeve before a GNOME 3.38 upgrade?

Something to ponder. πŸ€”

For those of you that use Budgie :budgie: on :solus:, there's a new system tray implementation that landed this week (and into the stable repo!) that we'd love your feedback on! β™₯️

Feel free to send the feedback our way via and thanks in advance!

Join us for You're A Wizard, Usysconf! hackfest tomorrow (Sat. July 4th) at 1400 UTC. Bryan and I will both be working on usysconf, where Bryan will be working on state tracking and dependencies and I'll be working on a dconf parser and transition utility.

Tune in via :solus:

Repost from our old account and about 45 min ago:

Over 1600 delta jobs (generates an eopkg with only the changes between package releases). Oh my! 😱

You should have an updated index now, so feel free to check for updates. Index will be hit-and-miss for a while until all the deltas are completed, just a heads up πŸ™‚

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