@xn17 @yarmo There's some major progress made in containerd to support v2, just need an issue in runc to be fixed then in theory it can be moved once Docker supports newer releases of both.



@xn17 @yarmo No. It's intentionally held back because newer snap doesn't support cgroups v1, only v2. Can't move to v2 or it breaks podman, docker, etc. See dev.getsol.us/T8609

For those of you that use Budgie :budgie: on :solus:, there's a new system tray implementation that landed this week (and into the stable repo!) that we'd love your feedback on! ♥️

Feel free to send the feedback our way via discuss.getsol.us/d/5102-testi and thanks in advance!

Join us for You're A Wizard, Usysconf! hackfest tomorrow (Sat. July 4th) at 1400 UTC. Bryan and I will both be working on usysconf, where Bryan will be working on state tracking and dependencies and I'll be working on a dconf parser and transition utility.

Tune in via multistre.am/therealdatadrake/ :solus:

@Decentralize_today @JoshStrobl Note that the DNS default providers and priorities are defined by systemd itself, not Solus. What we do at least change however is NTP since we have our own NTP vendor pool. This is done at compile time. dev.getsol.us/source/systemd/b

@Decentralize_today @JoshStrobl You can change it yourself (I run my own DNS server using dnsmasq and Solus detects it) but the defaults will likely stay the same. They're both reliable and we're yet to find an alternative that meets our needs.

@Decentralize_today @JoshStrobl Not quite. It renders the old account not completely usable and Mastodon itself doesn't wholly explain what that means.

Posts can't be moved yet, it's not supported. I learned that when I moved my personal account from mastodon.cloud to fosstodon.org as well.

Repost from our old account and about 45 min ago:

Over 1600 delta jobs (generates an eopkg with only the changes between package releases). Oh my! 😱

You should have an updated index now, so feel free to check for updates. Index will be hit-and-miss for a while until all the deltas are completed, just a heads up 🙂

Repost from our old account and about an hour ago:

Here we go, sync is now underway! If you missed our blog post on the updates coming to the stable repo, check out our blog post at getsol.us/2020/07/01/usysconf- 🚀

As a reminder, make sure to do a complete upgrade and please be patient with downloading all the updates! 🙂

Hey everyone!

Due to constant downtime of the mastodon.cloud instance, we've now set up our home here on Fosstodon. We're getting all settled in so, expect a lack of post history. Might see some re-toots of the old account.

And omg I can use :solus: now. - @JoshStrobl


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