We are proud to announce the immediate availability of Solus 4.2, a new Solus 4 "Fortitude" series release! This release delivers new desktop environment updates, software stacks, and hardware enablement.

Read more about it at getsol.us/2021/02/03/solus-4-2

Bryan (DataDrake) is now live for libeopkg development! Check him out at twitch.tv/therealdatadrake

It's time for The Roundup #18, your bytes of news. In this roundup, we are talking about our upcoming two week streaming extravaganza, Linux 5.10, new KDE goodies, and more!


Linux 5.10, as well as updates to firmware, nvidia-390-glx-driver, open-vm-tools, openrazer, and virtualbox are now in the unstable repo. Assuming no blockers, should get landed into the stable repo this Friday. If you use the unstable repo, we encourage you to update and test!

We are proud to announce our newest iteration on our flagship desktop environment, 10.5.2, with a diverse range of new features and bug fixes! :budgie:

Read about all the goodies at getsol.us/2020/12/02/budgie-10

Breaking prior record of 1836 tracked jobs on the repo server during this sync with 1988 (few jobs completed before I could take screenshot) πŸ†

Note: Doesn't mean that's how many packages changed, just how many deltas for them and their sub-packages we're creating. Still though!

It's time for The Roundup #17, your bytes of Solus news. In this roundup, we’re talking about our new desktop icons implementation for Budgie :budgie: , GNOME :gnome: 3.38, KDE and Plasma :plasma: updates, and more! πŸŽ‰


Congrats to Staudey on creating the 10000th patch to our development tracker! Absolutely incredible to see this many contributions to various packages by volunteers from around the world. You're all amazing. πŸŽ‰

True story: Solus :solus: contributor EbonJaeger introduced a Raven position option coming in Budgie :budgie: 10.5.2 that allows you to choose whether or not to let Budgie handle Raven positioning itself, or always open it on the left or right side! πŸŽ‰

Some new goodies for :plasma: are landing on unstable by Solus Plasma and KDE maintainer Girtablulu at the moment! Get ready for an update of:

- QT 5.15.1
- :kde: Applications 20.8.2
- KDE Framework 5.75
- Plasma Desktop 5.20.1


But as always, if you use the unstable repo, wait to update until we give the okay inside our IRC development channel, it's gonna take a while to build everything. Stable repo is still obviously not affected. πŸ˜€

With nodejs v14 expected to become the next "active LTS" starting next week, we just cooked up 14.14.0 and sent it off to the build server. You'll get it in next week's updates!

If you write nodejs under Solus, we'd suggest reading the deprecations doc.


Join us for You're A Wizard, Usysconf! hackfest tomorrow (Sat. July 4th) at 1400 UTC. Bryan and I will both be working on usysconf, where Bryan will be working on state tracking and dependencies and I'll be working on a dconf parser and transition utility.

Tune in via multistre.am/therealdatadrake/ :solus:

Repost from our old account and about 45 min ago:

Over 1600 delta jobs (generates an eopkg with only the changes between package releases). Oh my! 😱

You should have an updated index now, so feel free to check for updates. Index will be hit-and-miss for a while until all the deltas are completed, just a heads up πŸ™‚

Repost from our old account and about an hour ago:

Here we go, sync is now underway! If you missed our blog post on the updates coming to the stable repo, check out our blog post at getsol.us/2020/07/01/usysconf- πŸš€

As a reminder, make sure to do a complete upgrade and please be patient with downloading all the updates! πŸ™‚


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