Hey everyone!

Due to constant downtime of the instance, we've now set up our home here on Fosstodon. We're getting all settled in so, expect a lack of post history. Might see some re-toots of the old account.

And omg I can use :solus: now. - @JoshStrobl

@Solus @JoshStrobl can't you transfer the old to the new account? including folowers?

@Decentralize_today @JoshStrobl Not quite. It renders the old account not completely usable and Mastodon itself doesn't wholly explain what that means.

Posts can't be moved yet, it's not supported. I learned that when I moved my personal account from to as well.

@Solus @JoshStrobl Oh thats bad, didn'y know that. Btw when I have you here "Cloudflare DNS is now used as a fallback secondary to Google" both are horror anyway this can be changed?

@Decentralize_today @JoshStrobl You can change it yourself (I run my own DNS server using dnsmasq and Solus detects it) but the defaults will likely stay the same. They're both reliable and we're yet to find an alternative that meets our needs.

@Decentralize_today @JoshStrobl Note that the DNS default providers and priorities are defined by systemd itself, not Solus. What we do at least change however is NTP since we have our own NTP vendor pool. This is done at compile time.

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