It's pretty outside today. Lift your eyes from phone and enjoy

Hello! I want to run a #Mastodon instance with some friends. We have hardware that we own collectively, and we use a mix of docker and ansible scripts (something I'm not too familiar with still).

We are thinking of running the #Hometown fork. I would appreciate tips or examples on how to #SelfHost using #docker, and administration tips on limiting disk usage for example - we run Matrix and other services on the same hardware.

Boosts appreciated.

Spring seems to finally be here. It's warm and sunny. Pretty flowers all over. It's perfect

A question for you... (AMA reversed) 

... for every fav I'll ask something and anyone who wishes to may answer.

Boost and fav and let's have some interesting answers!

#AskMeAnything but reversed

Spent too many hours debugging a failing component. Turns out the component was working fine but the customer had not enabled a feature in the platform. Once that was switched on, everything came online. I wish I had checked that from the beginning.

Liebe Bubble, ich benötige eure Hilfe: ein lieber Mensch startet zum 01.06. in #Bremen mit einem neuen Job und braucht ein neues Zuhause. Preis bis ca. 750 Euro, Bahnhofsnähe wäre super, aber bewerft mich bitte mit allem, was so aussieht, als wäre es ok für 1 Person.. Gern #rt. :divoc:

I have ordered spare parts yesterday, and just like my kids i feel a huge injustice in that they have not arrived by by now.

We need to know which platform to prioritize for the upcoming beta release.

Should we release on Android or iOS first?

Boosts appreciated! #pixelfed #mobileApp #android #ios #fediverse

Mastodon admins and running of instances reminds me of running IRC servers

I am wondering if there are any danish mastodon home servers, which can be used?

Here in 2022 getting suspend/resume to work on laptops is still hit and miss....

Please if you can, share some #tor and/or #i2p bandwidth to keep safe communications available for Ukrainian and Russian civilians.

Take a look at #snowflake and #blizzard and consider configuring na outproxy.

I have allocated 24TB of extra traffic spread upon 5 extra machines spread geographically. Use different hosting providers for routes and maximum safety. Share your home bandwidth.

I am kind of despairing of finding something to replace my Acer720 Chromebook adapted to Linux.

Small light and incredibly robust It has been my travel device for bloody years. I keep wanting to retire it but am unable to find anything that hits the sweet spot like this does! (Cheap, Robust as all heck)

So why change? RAM really. Ideally I'd like 8GB and at least a 13" screen.

I had a look at the Pinebook but here too it has a tiny amount of RAM.

Any ideas? #followerPower

We're open for ANOTHER L4 Software Engineer! Want to come work with me on an awesome team consulting on big and small civic tech and commercial projects?

The company is 56% women identified cross-practice with a very healthy level of racial diversity (our CEO is BIPOC and our COO is a woman for starters). Fully remote, US only (sorry, we do gov contracts so it's a requirement), transparent salaries across the company (, solid benefits including office setup budget and monthly employee effectiveness budget.

Our public employee handbook is here: and our Engineering Playbook is here:

#pleaseboost #jobs #softwareengineering

So should I buy a Dell r720 for home usage....? (used not new)

App privacy labels show stark contrasts among messaging apps


Signal - perfect!

iMessage - very good (and defensible).

WhatsApp - huh, that's starting to seem a little sus.

Facebook Messenger: oh hell no.

I would really like to really like but after having battling with it the entire week for something pretty simple, it's hard to be excited by it.

I hate to ask, but here goes.

I'm looking for a role as a . or . Preferably where I have previous work ex from.

I've been looking a while and nothing with the right fit has come along. Work life balance is super important. If UK, happy to work completely in your timezone!

My site is and I'm happy to email you my CV/resume. Will start immediately once we're on the same page. 💯


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