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Playing No Man's Sky.
On Linux...
Pretty darned addictive, I've sunk a fair few hours in already.

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I ended up turning on godmode in Doom (2016) because after the thousandth demon threshold lockdown I got annoyed with it all. That shit started to drag on badly.

I wish there was some sort of easy mode with less demons, less lockdowns, and more time for exploring - because the environments in this game are amazing and quite large.

But nooo... here, you're locked in a small arena and forced to bunnyhop everywhere to avoid fire, and forced to use executions to survive.

The thing that pisses me off about the Notre Dame burning down?

The millions and millions of dollars getting donated to rebuild a shitty old medieval church when that money could be used for actual good.

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How exactly do you "accidentally" write software that logs into an email account, pulls down the contact list and stores it in a FB database? #privacy

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"Amazon... is a fair and responsible employer without collective worker agreements"

It's really fair when one guy at the top has $150,000,000,000 and a tiny handful of ultrarich white guys elect fellow wealthy 'big-brain' guys to a board to make all decisions regarding worker conditions, pay, and what to do with profit (give 99.9% to themselves).

Capitalism is a warcrime, a global humanitarian crisis that must be overthrown.

Woah. Doom (2016) using the vulkan renderer makes my CPU work hard enough to raise the temps by 10C. It sure is smooth and fast though.

Might give it a try with boost disabled and see how it fares. Disabling boost drops temps by almost 30C.

Blockchain zealots are like Scientologists.

Bloody hell. Using CPU only (GPU off), mild work, coding, web browser (firefox) I get between 9 to 11 hours battery time.

Superposition benchmark score increased approx 60pts in Extreme.

Doesn't go over 80c at all, CPU hovers around 70c, GPU 75c.

The process of putting Conductonaut on the laptop die. It was a bit tricky as it almost refused to adhere to a small part of the CPU.

I ended up running it stressed for a few minutes then stripped back down for a check, applied a very tiny extra amount to areas that needed it and now it's golden. Average temp drop of 17C under load. Idling at 30C.

I just repasted my GS65 with Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut instead of tootling with voltage etc.

Where the CPU used to hit 95c or higher under intense loads it now only reaches 75-80c.

CPU only, under load = 76c

Superposition, CPU = 76c, GPU = 75c

With GPU active but not loaded, and CPU loaded, CPU = 81c

Idle with GPU active, both approx 45c

Idle CPU only = 35c

This was absolutely worth doing. Avg temp drop of 17C! That's nucking futs!

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Fyi anyone using , it looks as though is working to add --which would be awesome.

Jack Ma defends the 'blessing' of a 12-hour working day.
Jack Ma can fuck off.

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Found this interesting article linked in Mozilla's little tech newsletter thing...

Another nice use of machine learning to assist humans in classifying things manually -- in this case, triaging bug reports for Firefox!

This is the kind of "AI" that makes a lot of sense in FOSS/open content projects where there's a lot of work to do and only so many devs or volunteers able to do it. Multiply their ability to do stuff by speeding up the slow bits, don't try to replace the humans!

Pro-tip: hibernate your laptop by default (replace sleep action):

Edit or create /etc/systemd/sleep.conf with the follwing:

# Hibernate instead of sleep

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