ANNOUNCEMENT: I've migrated instances from Fostodon's Mastodon instance to's Pleroma instance

Since I'm moving to a Pleroma instance, followers won't auto-migrate. If you still want to follow me after I went dark for 4 months (!!), follow me at

Pleroma and Mastodon are compatible; we can show up in each others' timelines and interact just like before.

After a few months of silence, I'll be switching from Fosstodon to the Plerom instance; I'm currently working on some auth issues.

A pair of objective truths:

In 2011, the T420 is the best laptop ever made
In 2020, the T420 is the best laptop ever made

These statements are correct. Any other opinions on the matter are incorrect. Thank you for coming to my TED talk.

So John Titor is on the HN frontpage. As a shameless fan of (objectively the best visual novel), I approve.

Been going through a power metal phase lately after listening to way too much glitch/synth. Binging Rhapsody of Fire's discography after finishing Hammerfall.

Just finished my initial implemntation of It scans your logs to figure out which channels are the busiest, excluding bots/join/leave/away/chanmsg. Written in 100% bashism-free POSIX sh, its only non-POSIX dependency is `date -d`.

Just switched from GitLab to as my primary git hosting provider. I still maintian mirrors of my repositories on GitHub and GitLab, but I'm planning on making the main action take place on sourcehut. I like how sourcehut prefers open protocols like email over walled gardens like GitHub/GitLab pull-requests.

My projects are at

Time for and . Here's my setup.

Clockwise from the top-right: ncmpcpp, editing and the command I used to create this toot,, Project M visualizer (SDL), Cava visualizer. All visible programs built from latest git commit automatically.

I also use mpDris2 for an mpd -> MPRIS bridge and desktop notifications.

Hey fellow #linux users, if you still haven't switched from ifconfig to iproute2, try `ip -color=auto address`. Perhaps you'll never look back.

(You probably know about shell aliases, but just in case: you can put `alias ip='ip -color=auto` into your ~/.bashrc and it will always try to use colour when you type `ip`).

: weechat (IRC/Matrix), Newsboat (RSS), Firefox Nightly, Podboat (podcasts).

Recently finished enabling link-time optimization on all supported packages. It results in significantly smaller binaries, both stripped and unstripped.

Unfortunately, packages require a MUSL environment for full LTO of executables; I'll need to set up a container/chroot workflow for that.

See "", "", "", and "" for my update scripts in my dotfile repo:

My addiction is back in full swing. I'll see if I can hack together a script to filter buffers using `fzf-tmux`.

So I just put together term-dmenu to replace and with a floating terminal and . Made primarily for but supporting other environments should be trivial.

I recently discovered MPV's many upscaling filters. Combining some of them with Anime4k allows flawless upscaling of 640p anime to 4k on my desktop and a CPU stress-test on my laptop. Config file at


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