- fixing typos in my hastily published blog from earlier. on , with i3 this week.

:linux: :guix: :emacs:

Time for and . Here's my setup.

Clockwise from the top-right: ncmpcpp, editing gitlab.com/Seirdy/dotfiles/blo and the command I used to create this toot, github.com/carnager/clerk, Project M visualizer (SDL), Cava visualizer. All visible programs built from latest git commit automatically.

I also use mpDris2 for an mpd -> MPRIS bridge and desktop notifications.


Hey fellow #linux users, if you still haven't switched from ifconfig to iproute2, try `ip -color=auto address`. Perhaps you'll never look back.

(You probably know about shell aliases, but just in case: you can put `alias ip='ip -color=auto` into your ~/.bashrc and it will always try to use colour when you type `ip`).

: weechat (IRC/Matrix), Newsboat (RSS), Firefox Nightly, Podboat (podcasts).

Recently finished enabling link-time optimization on all supported packages. It results in significantly smaller binaries, both stripped and unstripped.

Unfortunately, packages require a MUSL environment for full LTO of executables; I'll need to set up a container/chroot workflow for that.

See "cc_funcs.sh", "small_cc_programs.sh", "large_cc_programs.sh", and "cargo.sh" for my update scripts in my dotfile repo: gitlab.com/Seirdy/dotfiles/tre

My addiction is back in full swing. I'll see if I can hack together a script to filter buffers using `fzf-tmux`.

So I just put together term-dmenu gitlab.com/Seirdy/term-dmenu to replace and with a floating terminal and . Made primarily for but supporting other environments should be trivial.

I recently discovered MPV's many upscaling filters. Combining some of them with Anime4k allows flawless upscaling of 640p anime to 4k on my desktop and a CPU stress-test on my laptop. Config file at gitlab.com/Seirdy/dotfiles/blo


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