Busy week for but at least we can show off new stuff!

📣 As of today, there's a Keyoxide Android app 🎉

It's a client much like the website (so no key editing just yet…) and will allow you to verify identities in pretty much the same way: copy-paste a fingerprint or email address and voilà!

And soon supporting QR code scanning for easier input!

Also in the process of putting on :fdroid:!

Big 👏👏👏 for our very own @Seferi who developed it!

Blog post: blog.keyoxide.org/now-on-andro

@keyoxide @Seferi
Very cool, looks nice and clean! Is this doing the various ownership tests on the device, or does it hand things like the matrix verification off to a proxy server?
Also is there a plan to add the "Encrypt Message" button as per the web version, or does that fall under "not meant to be an OpenPGP client"?

@michael it currently does not do the ownership tests on the device, that would require the entire library to be rewritten in dart or kotlin. There are plans for that! But since it's not here just yet, the identity verification is currently performed by a server.

And there are plans for an Encrypt Message button, an important missing feature that will surely make it into one of the next updates!



@keyoxide @michael Indeed an important feature. Let's add that to the road map! :blobcatcheer:

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