@Seferi i use whalebird... it works well. some dont like it because it is an electron app.. but I find it works just fine.

@pyratebeard this looks pretty sweet. Do toots that incl pictures get displayed as a clickable link?

+1 for Whalebird. It's electron, but performs pretty well. There's also Tootle by our very own @bleakgrey, but I'm not sure if it's available outsode of Elementary. I do seem to remember reading about a Flatpak for it...i think.

@downey @Seferi Not all of us enjoy living our lives 100% in web browser tabs :\ I personally get annoyed when things I want to be truly persistent aren't in their own app. I want my web browser to be a place that's inherently fluid.

@Seferi @brainblasted is working on a mastodon client but it is not yet finished.

I personally love the cli so I use #bitlbee in #weechat. It is quite lightweight and so far I am quite happy with it.

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